Julie Renouf

Europe - Australasia

"There are many defining moments in my career as a photographer and director. The most prominent: an inspired Christmas gift, a Hanimex Box Brownie at the age of seven; a gifted art teacher in high school who taught me to experiment and explore beyond what the textbooks taught, and that ‘mistakes’ can take you to somewhere way beyond imagining; a tertiary education in photography that taught me the rules and then insisted I break them; countless shoots where I learned to trust my intuition whilst being supported by my training. These countless projects now are the backbone of my creative and professional experience.

I’m an international award-winning photographer and director specialising in interiors, food and lifestyle, and brands focused to the female consumer. With 20+ years experience in Australian and now based in Europe, my work spans a wide range of advertising campaigns, editorial, branded motion content, food films and TVC. My aesthetic is beautiful light, emotive, and unashamedly feminine.

On set I work closely with clients: collaboration, a positive attitude, and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals are the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world."