AJ Films Oceania

Locations in Oceania are abundant with diversity. AJFILMS specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of film and stills photography.

New Zealand and Australia boasts a safe haven for working conditions for productions with world class crew and locations.

Producer Amanda Jenkins from AJFILMS has a wealth of knowledge across the industry; she has worked for over 25 years with a trusted network of experienced production team, photographers, DOP’s and directors. With their collaborative, no-fuss, can-do attitude, it is easy and stress-free for clients on the other side of the world as our teams are used to being available 24/7 to help meet your production deadlines.

Let AJ FILMS help bring your creative ideas together, contact Amanda to gain access to diverse locations, castings and location scouting to budgeting, visas and travel logistics, talent, DOPs, photographers, or support director solutions for your next campaign.

Ask4 Location Italy

"You ask and we find, what? The location you need for your video and photo productions! Ask4 Location is your go-to solution. We’re a dynamic team of young and creative location managers based in Milan, specialising in scouting and managing over 4000 unique locations all across Italy.

Our core values revolve around reliability, quality, and timeliness for various types of projects such as photo and video shoots, video productions, show cooking, and much more. You can rely on us to navigate through logistical complexities seamlessly. Our experienced team is always on hand to assist you with bureaucratic and organisational matters, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout.

But our service isn't just about finding the perfect location. It's about providing an all-inclusive experience tailored to your needs. Whether it's coordinating with vendors, obtaining permits, or handling any unexpected challenges, we've got you covered.

Curious about our portfolio? Some of our clients include Netflix, Lavazza, Ralph Lauren, Kappa, BMW, Italia’s Got Talent, Zegna, Lisa Corti, and Radio Mediaset. Reach out to us through our contact page to learn more and let us make your vision a reality!"

Barcelo Coconut Island Phuket

Situated just minutes away from mainland Phuket, Barcelo Coconut Island serves as an ideal hub for both photo and film productions, while also providing a comfortable haven for production teams and crews.

Coconut Island, first stumbled upon by shipwrecked explorers centuries ago, has retained its enigmatic allure and sense of adventure. The entire resort is crafted to embody this distinctive essence. Whether seeking Jacuzzi suites, Grand Villas, or Pool Villas, their accommodations are tailored to accommodate groups of any size, ensuring both privacy and opulence for every guest.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Phang Nga Bay, the resort offers access to some of Thailand's most mesmerizing beaches, islands, and landscapes. This renders it an idyllic backdrop for a diverse array of fashion and lifestyle shoots, boasting an array of picturesque locales to explore.

Flatblack Canada

"Welcome to Flatblack. We are a full service photography production company based in the Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Your one stop shop for photo production in Alberta, Canada.

Working with Flatblack, you will fly into Calgary International Airport giving you access to world class locations to create your photographic assets. Alberta, Canada, has prairies, rolling foothills, breathtaking lakes and rivers, and of course the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or concerns. We would be happy to address them for you. Also, do look into currency exchange rates. Canada's dollar value offers our American friends and our friends overseas an affordable and inexpensive location to shoot.

Some of the services Flatblack offers but are not limited to: location scouting and management, permitting, equipment rentals, production personnel sourcing, transportation, accommodations, production supplies rentals, catering to name a few."


LMADAM PRODUCTION, established in 2018, operates as a dynamic production company spanning Paris and Morocco. They specialise in delivering top-notch production services across advertising, digital content editorials, print, and film.

From creative direction to art buying, casting, location scouting, catering, and travel logistics, LMADAM PRODUCTION manages every aspect. Their formula: collaborating with premier teams to ensure exceptional results for your project.

With savvy production strategies, they cater to various budgets, providing optimal cost efficiency for each brand. Join esteemed names like Berluti, Longines, and Louboutin who trust LMADAM PRODUCTION. Elevate your project with their expertise and commitment.

Locationhero Berlin

"Welcome to our premier website offering top locations for film and photography in Germany. We understand the urgency of finding the perfect setting - that's why we've made the search easy, drawing from years of experience. Time is of the essence, and the right location is needed preferably yesterday.

Our platform goes beyond listings by curating inspiring collections, featuring top photos of top locations. From portraits to industrial shoots to automotive showcases, we have it all. Be captivated by our extensive array of extraordinary rooms and locales, each ready for booking. Join us on a journey through Germany's diverse cities and landscapes, where every corner holds the promise of a captivating story. Your next production is just a click away.

As a next step we are excited to extend our location archive across Europe."

NM Productions Dubai - NYC - London - Los Angeles - Milan - Madrid

"With extensive location experience and an international network of scouts, we are able to offer our modular location scouting service with the support of an entire production team. From in-house location scouting and casting to on-set support - working across both stills and moving image projects NM can help you almost anywhere in the world.

We are a global production company that throws traditional methods out of the window. Resourceful, driven and unfazed by (almost) anything.

Our model aims to be different. We cover full production but also offer modular services. Like having a slice of pizza when you don’t really need a whole one.

Creativity and grit are at the forefront of how we work. Dubbed as one of the go to global production companies that defy convention, we thrive on challenges that others might shy away from.

Click here to see our NM talent."

NODOP Norway

"Norway stretches over 1750 km from North to South, with a coastline of 100 900 kilometres. It is the only country in the Northern hemisphere where you can shoot on a glacier and a white sandy beach on the same day.

Norway is perfect for your autumn and winter campaigns and is excellent for your car shoots.

At Nodop we pride ourselves with a boutique approach. We offer full service production for both film and stills. Our team speaks fluent English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. We have a technical crew with years of experience in filming cars including gaffers and precision drivers.

In addition to being based in Norway, Nodop produces in Iceland, Scotland, Europe, the Canaries, South Africa and Namibia.

The currency exchange rate is more attractive than ever compared to the Euro and the British Pound!"

November Oscar Sierra Whiskey Switzerland

Following the motto “There are always new things to find out if you go looking for them”, the non-stopable scouting duo November Oscar Sierra Whiskey is constantly looking for new places or interpreting existing ones in new ways. From breathtaking mountain peaks to romantic cabins in the valley to architectural lakeside villas and old apartments in the middle of vibrant city life.

There is nothing missing from the wide range of archives from a wide variety of locations and offers something suitable for every need.

Take a look at the agency’s location selection and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


"We are a photo, film production company and services based in Sardinia and Italy. At Sardinia Production Service, we prioritise human connections above all else in our dealings. Rather than solely focusing on business transactions, we believe in building authentic relationships.

Our goal is to establish partnerships based on trust, starting from the initial encounter with our clients.

A team of passionate people who love working in the photographic and film industry, ready to assist you in every phase of your project, from conception to the final realisation.

We are able to organise and manage photographic and cinematographic services for advertising campaigns, catalogues and editorials in studio or on location according to specific clients' requirements.

Recent works include Bollywood films 'Viswam', ITV UK format 'This morning', Unibet Ride 1 and Ride 2 with Kalle Rovanperä, Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard; Vivobarefoot, Aesop skincare, The Woolmark Company by Prada, Hertz, Top Gear - Audi RS Q e-tron, IWC Schauffhausen, Orlebar Brown, Porsche, Vogue Arabia, EA7 Armani, Stella McCartney, Energetix Jewellery, Fashy Swimwear and Mac Jeans, as well as location services for Jaguar, Sunliving and the film 'New Neighbour'.

Regardless of the size of the project, from the most modest to the largest, every client is unique and important to us. Let’s talk about your project!"

Sicily Productions Sicily - Italy

Sicily Productions is a full service production company. Despite their name being Sicily Productions, they work all over Italy and the Mediterranean.

For over two decades, this renowned Italian production company has curated the nation's most spellbinding locations for clients worldwide.

Their comprehensive services covers all aspect of production, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion. Whether it's a cinematic vision or high-end campaign, their commitment to exquisite locations and flawless execution has made them a longtime industry leader.

Their office is managed by an elite group of experienced producers, coordinators and accounts personnel, that are all super passionate about each and every project.

"Italy keeps teleporting us to unsuspected scenarios, and we can’t wait to share them with you!"

Clients include: Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Puma, Pandora, Nanushka, Max Mara, Chloé, Heimat, H&M, Hugo Boss, Jo Malone, Zimmermann, Pandora, Zalando, Bond Eye, Sabyasachi, Marie Claire, Arket, Elle Magazine, Lillian West, Beymen Club, Bloomingdale's, Bolia, Net-a-Porter, Cosmopolitan, Adidas, Daks, Ecco, Maison Michel and many more.

Quotes can always be handled within 24 hours. For more information visit the website or call +39 347 688 1606.

SNAP14 Egypt

SNAP14 is the meticulous Egyptian creative production agency specialising in fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle. By combining a smooth, straightforward production process with a strong creative approach, they help their clients achieve and surpass their goals. Their methods deliver outstanding, detail-driven and success-focused work.  

SNAP14 aims to showcase Egypt’s uniqueness, encourage a higher class of tourism, support the local creative scene and establish Egypt as a top production destination. They understand the intricacies of working in Egypt and recognise that great shoots thrive in a calm and creative atmosphere shaped by experience and teamwork.  

They differentiate themselves by being hyper-organised and working collaboratively. SNAP14 works with some of the most talented producers, creatives and brands in the industry. Their clients have earned recognition for their work and SNAP14 is here to help their clients continue their journey of success.  

At the core, SNAP14 believes that Mindful Production Empowers Creativity.

The Vintage Lisbon Lisbon

The Vintage Hotel & Spa is a celebration of Lisbon - from the buzzing local culture to its history and architecture. We aim to create an original and authentic experience while offering a piece of Lisbon our guests can call their own.

To indulge in breathtaking views of the Lisbon skyline, guests can head to the V Rooftop Bar. Blue Bistrot specialises in traditional Portuguese cuisine with a twist, while the Hangout Bar - where they can load a vinyl record onto the turntable or listen to live music every Tuesday and Thursday - serves cocktails and much more.

Vintage welcomes not only furry friends but also events and conferences in one of its two meeting rooms.

Plus, the Spa has modern facilities that include a tranquillity water lounge, treatment rooms and a well-equipped gym.