New Delhi: Hardesh Dhingra

It has been a long journey from lens-man to artist for Hardesh Dhingra, with more than two decades of pushing the barriers. Renowned for digital photography and image manipulation, the company's dream project, a new 15,000 sq.ft. studio in Manesar, is now complete.

From the fully equipped studio, Hardesh Dhingra can handle any project, from small still life set-ups to large automobile SUVs. Over the years, the company has worked with top Indian advertising agencies and shot for brands including Coke, Pepsi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Honda, Suzuki, GM, Hyundai and Kingfisher, to name but a few.

Hardesh Dhingra offers complete in-house workflow from capture to post production, with a dedicated team of production and photography assistants and digital retouchers ensuring the best quality and fastest completion of projects.

The company is constantly exploring new frontiers in technology to keep it on a par with international standards.

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