Times have quickly changed, but Jeff’s commitment remains the same: to prepare ahead and create the best shoot circumstances possible, then make some amazing images. Early in the year, Jeff and his team of two assistants, plus talent, spent a day in the California desert with Porsche’s latest 911. On this personal project, Jeff showed what can be accomplished with a skeleton crew, coming away with shots including car-to-car action and drone shots.

CGI projects also tend to lend themselves to a somewhat more compact team, with the car rendered digitally in post.  Here are a couple recent examples from projects for Nissan and Renault. With CGI shots, because the car isn’t real, Jeff finds it essential to keep all other aspects as real as possible, such as shooting a reference vehicle in place, and lighting it as they would on any other shoot.

Jeff’s production team has been working to implement protocols for working conscientiously and safely in this ’new normal’.  Both high-tech solutions such as live screen sharing, and simple things, like the use of masks, combine to make productions that are smart, effective, and produce great shots.