Jeff recently directed a dual video + stills project for Infiniti, and their top-of-the-line QX80. Over three shoot days in LA, the team covered running footage, beauty shots, and product demo videos, plus a list of still images as well.

Next up was Hyundai and their futuristic new Ioniq 5 electric vehicle. Splitting the shoot between LA and Northern California gave a huge variety of locations, from rugged coastlines to the city.

Another Hyundai project followed, this time their full-size Palisade SUV. Even further north this time, Jeff and crew headed to Washington State, and were rewarded with some truly epic locations. For this project, Jeff had not only a very full shot list, but he also directed two days of video shooting, for the reveal of the vehicle at the New York Auto Show.

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has been shooting for automakers around the world for over 15 years.