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Cialis 'Lucky Man': Director Linda Notelovitz skilfully reveals the raw emotions and physicality of her actors, focusing on pure storytelling.  She coaxes unfamiliar actors into a passionate enigmatic couple, creating a captivating on-screen connection.

To hold the very complex on-screen graphics and titling needed for the brand and pharma regulations, Linda chose to design the camera treatment in each scene to work as a single take; thereby simplifying the visual language to accommodate the graphics requirements in a complimentary manner. Together with her DP, Maxime Lahousse, they choreographed the actors performances and the camera operating to sync and work together like a dance, within the limited screen time they had for each scene.

Linda’s work is enchanting and transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers on an alluring journey that explores desire, connection and storytelling.

"What can I say, other than it was truly a highlight of my entire career to be a part of the production, because Linda’s level of creativity, thought, professionalism, refinement, love and humor was like nothing I’ve experienced on any other production. It was the whole package and not just a promise of one."  Brendan Ward, EVP Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, NY.

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