Linda Notelovitz' passion for fashion and design has always been a significant part of her self-expression, enabling her to express her personality, creativity, and individuality. However, beyond personal expression, fashion can hold profound significance in various ways.

Utilising fashion as a powerful tool to influence behaviour, Linda Notelovitz' fashion film work reflects on societal values and aims to drive positive change in the world. Her collection of works exemplifies this commitment, with each film addressing important themes and advocating for social upliftment, ethical practices, and celebrating creativity.

From the thought-provoking 'Hungry' to the inspiring 'Lara' promoting sustainability, the empowering 'S(He) has something to say', and the imaginative 'Gaze', Linda's films explore diverse aspects of human experience and emotion. Through her unique visual communication style, Linda Notelovitz aspires to be a catalyst for purpose and positivity, shaping the human condition through her art.