Bill Gallery is a corporate photojournalist with a designer’s eye. He shoots customer stories, company profiles, working portraits and special projects worldwide. His specialty is a fly-on-the-wall, narrative documentary approach, working from real life, alone, without lighting or crew.

His low impact, discreet work style enables Bill to shoot well composed, credible images without disrupting the workplace, whether it be in a corporate boardroom, a hospital emergency room or on the deck of an oil rig. His ability to work with people as well as shape and form make him particularly versatile.

Bill is efficient, self art directed and, because he works and travels solo, cost effective. A short list of clients includes Apple, Herman Miller, GE, Blackberry, Morgan Stanley, IBM, MasterCard, Thomson Reuters, PIMCO, Merrill Lynch, Time Warner, Northrup Grumman and Coca-Cola.