Daniela Obertas, a Rome-based photographer that specialises in food photography. She creates professional photographs, cinemographs, stop-motion video and concepts to help companies better market their products and services. Daniela works in her studio or on-location and uses Canon gear and prime lenses.

“I'm very creative and I love to experiment, learn, create new things and work with others who have the same passion. Creativity is what makes me happy. I firmly believe in the transformative power of photography and its ability to streamline communications as it can convey emotions and tell stories.

Before starting a project, I think it’s important to understand its essence, so I work with mood boards in order to get a good idea of what my clients are looking for. From there I can create a concept or follow any brief from an agency or art director.

So why should you work with me? I am well prepared, very patient, very focused and I put my heart into everything I do. I have a clean style and the ability to capture the beauty of food through its textures, colours and shapes. I have good editing skills and always study to improve and learn new techniques.

I want to help you tell a story through food photography. Whether it be a blogger recipe, a restaurant presentation or menu dish, a chef portrait, food industry or a magazine cover, I can find the perfect solution for you.”