Photographer and director Amy Currell was born in East London, where she lives and works. Her still life photography and moving image is shot through a distinctively female lens, and each frame is composed with thoughtfulness and grace – artfully juxtaposing colour and texture, shape and shadow.

Amy is most at home when evoking the character of textures and working with cutting lighting to give the sharpest shadows, and crispest definition to liquids – finding the warmth in their shadows. Her work finds possibilities for playfulness and hidden narratives in the shapes and shadows of food and drink.

Amy’s 13 years of experience mean she has acquired a highly technical and creative team – from set designers to retouchers. Together, they have composed striking images for Vogue, Selfridges and Liberty London, and award-winning campaigns for the likes of IKEA, each brimming with creativity and a sense of playfulness.

Amy is represented by JSR, see her work here and follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.