"Photography is like love: first there has to be a good spark; butterflies in the tummy, a pleasant tingling sensation, jumps of joy. But for the first euphoria to turn into a long-lasting love story, more is needed.

I am Klaus Peterlin. Together with my team, I make sure that your idea becomes a million-dollar shot, the soul of your product begins to shine and your story gets a face. In our 300sqm studio in South Tyrol and at our clients' locations, we create visual worlds that will be etched in your memory forever - with outstanding technology, decades of experience and the claim to tackle every project in a highly professional and dedicated manner. And if the butterflies are still flying high even after looking at your pictures for the hundredth time, we have fulfilled our mission.

Clients and highlights: Loacker AG, Mila, Stuffer S.p.a, Mizuno EMEA, Q 26.5, IDM South Tirol to mention a few."