Rob Grimm

Chicago - St. Louis

Rob Grimm is an award-winning beverage and foot photographer based in the midwest.

Dubbed “The Shakespeare of Beer” for his excessive attention to detail, Rob is comfortable in the studio or in far off locations creating still and motion content for his clients.

"I seem to be in a place of voracious experimenting and learning right now. AI is the talk of the town and a hugely polarising topic. People are jumping in or sitting on the sidelines in total fear. I am diving in to use AI as a tool to create a portion of my images. It is a means to create new images and explore new processes while increasing my production speed. But in no way is AI replacing what I do as a photographer. The collection of images in this issue have all been assisted with the use of AI or OLED technologies which is offering me new ways to create images for my clients."

Rob has a client list as long as your left arm including brands such as AB InBev, Ciroc Vodka, The Glenlivet, Grey Goose, Monday Zero Alcohol, Tequila Avion, Wild Turkey, Kraft, and Panera.

To discuss a potential project, please reach out to Rob or visit for additional still and motion content.