"I am a food & drink photographer in the vibrant culinary scene of Boston.

I specialise in meeting the unique photography needs of small businesses and restaurants.  I thrive on turning ordinary dishes into memories. My work isn't just about taking pictures; it's about infusing every image with the flavors, aromas, and personalities that make a restaurant or food or business stand out.

I believe in infusing fun and creativity into every project I tackle. Whether it's showcasing a delectable dish, or highlighting the craftsmanship of the chef, I ensure that every shot tells a story and evokes the senses.

My recent work featured here includes marketing shots for WeCo Hospitality (meal delivery service), catalog and commercial for Cold Fusion Gelato (featured in Whole Foods and Big Y), and catalog work for Mrs. Mekler’s Mercantile (a local chocolatier trying to take over the world!)."