Addict Studios is a professional studio and camera equipment rental company supplying only the best brands. Located in Madrid city centre, the company also offers more than 550 m² of studio rental space for photography, spot, showroom, casting and events, and is the only official Spanish supplier of the new Phase One IQ280 with Mamiya 645+.

Addict Studios is the largest open and unobstructed studio in Madrid, providing maximum support to professional photographers, agencies and magazines for their productions. The studios can be easily transformed into an elegant event venue for dinners, parties, workshops or classrooms settings.

Addict Studios is always at the forefront, with the latest technology including Profoto (8A, B4, B1), Broncolor, Phase One IQ system (IQ280 - IQ260 - IQ250 - IQ180), Mamiya, Apple, Eizo, Kino, Arri, Avenger, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Arri Amira, Alexa, Dragon, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red One, Canon 7D PL and Canon 5D Mark II – Mark III.

Clients, brands and magazines include Adidas, Real Madrid, Nike, Unilever, Samsung, Pantene, L'Oréal, Bimbo, Ferrari, Ford, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Fruttare, Ikea, FIBA, FC Barcelona, Loewe, Chanel, Armani, TourSpain, Asics, Bankia, Banco Santander, BBVA, Vogue Spain / UK / Paris / USA, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Neo2, Vanidad, Tendencias, View of the Times and Cosmopolitan.

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