Flamisch Foto+Film is a team of photographers and designers with countless fresh ideas and the skills of 30 years' experience. The team surrounding photo designer Wolfgang Flamisch works for international agencies and companies, specialising in corporate, industry, lifestyle and advertising photography as well as film.

A shoot in the highly sensitive area of an on-going industrial process? A complex composition of an even more complex photo shoot? The idea for a social media film using stopmotion or the script for a studio film shoot - all of it comes from one skilled hand, Flamisch Foto+ Film.

Responding to precise needs, many repeat clients rely on the team to handle full production, from concept and storyboard to organisation, photo or film shoot, post-production and editing. The Dusseldorf-based studio is equipped to shoot film or photo, as well as indoors or on location anywhere from Shanghai to Cape Town, and everywhere in between! Often out on production for many weeks at a time, the Flamisch team likes to work in a family-like atmosphere, cultivating a respectful and cooperative partnership with clients.

Get to know the work, Wolfgang and his team by visiting the website or calling +49-172-20 88 231 to arrange a visit.