Always focused on conquering the immediate task at hand, whether as a spotlighted young musician or a risk-taking, technical street skateboarder; Matt Hawthorne would be found in his young adulthood pushing the limits to perfecting his skill.

Eventually, Matt moved his concentration from making images his sponsors sought of him to honing his methods of capturing fast paced action images - by shooting his friends skating.

He found a love for the art form and his unique style with polished imagery quickly drew attention, projecting him into the start of a successful career. Shooting advertising campaigns now for over 10 years, Matt has developed an incredible crew.

Matt Hawthorne Productions has provided advertising campaigns for Gatorade, Target, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, Fila, Gold’s Gym, FedEx, and JCPenney, among many others. Matt is known for his unique photographic style, ranging from photo journalistic sports to highly stylised advertising. His awards include Lürzer's Archive '200 Best Photographers Worldwide' and Communication Arts Photo Annual.

While away from commercial assignments and the studio, he is found spending time with his wife, building legos with his son, shooting fun polaroids of his children, and cycling.