Niclas Jessen's photography focuses on people and when working with him it soon becomes clear that he creates an active and positive atmosphere in front of the camera. With his natural Scandinavian touch he captures dynamic photographs with a strong presence. A process of exploration resonates throughout his work, which echoes his fondness for a special kind of staged documentary.

In an increasingly commercial world, Niclas believes it is essential that photographs contain a feeling of autenthicity. His ability to move between both staged and natural environments enables him to create engaging images that connect with their audiences. “Always travel light, be able to connect with your models, understand your client," he says.

With a studio in Copenhagen, Scandinavia is his home, but he travels on assignment all over world. Featured in this Spotlight are images created for clients such as Seeland, Spleen United, NYC Ballet, Danish Defence Command, and Nykredit Bank.

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