Montreal: Bastiani Photographe

"Being born in Sorel, growing up in Granby, having an Indian first name and an Italian last name, this doesn’t automatically create a complicated girl! A young woman with a wondering smile, she’s dragged her backpack and worn-out Converse from Paris to Bali, making a stop at Machu Picchu, and she’s not ready to slow down; travelling is literally tattooed on her skin.

Her idea of a perfect afternoon? Sipping a latte and listening to AC/DC while adding pins on Pinterest, where she has over 170,000 followers.

Savitri is still a five-year-old little girl in the body of an accomplished photographer. Her brain is always on spin cycle and whites and colours are never separated, especially when she’s due for a load of new ideas. Her flaws? Stubborn, anti conformist and a dreamer... but after all, isn’t perfection slightly boring?"

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