Atlanta: Brandon Clifton

"I think I speak for everyone when I say the world wasn't prepared for the coronavirus and what was to unfold in the following months. 2020 as a whole was otherworldly, but March in particular was the start of it all for most Americans. This was when state and federal governments enacted shutdowns, masks mandates, and curfews. During all the chaos, I set out to do a photo series on first responders and healthcare workers. The images were later selected to be in an advertorial for a brand new magazine that would be sent to over one million people nationwide. 

Photography isn't just a job for me. It's a way to bring awareness to issues, particular messaging for brands, and a way to bring us all together in a world that needs unity now more than ever. I'm an Atlanta based photographer and stories are the reason I set out to pursue this career. Stories can change the way we view the world around us and is why I've devoted my career to the pursuit of storytelling."

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