Dom Savini is a visual translator and story teller based in Philadelphia. As a content artist, he draws upon on 20+ years' experience in advertising, pre-press, post-production, and broadcast.

His journey began in biomechanics (the human figure in motion), eventually, translating his interest into the visual. Dom continues to explore the human figure through illustration, photography, and digital arts.

His versatile skill set and unique photo-illustrative style has allowed him to interweave collaged compositions for international advertising agencies and brands. Dom is recognised for these extensive illustrative skills, derived from inspiration ranging from comic book illustrators to renaissance painters. His lighting and style have a commonality through his work, whether graphite or lens.

Dom enjoys the collaborative energy of working with diverse creatives and the evolutionary process that comes from it. He seeks to expand the dimensions of what imagery can be and the resulting creative possibilities.

Since 2018, he has volunteered for his South Philadelphia community as an elected committee person. He believes in being proactive to beautify and better the future for his family and neighbours.