New York: Doron Gild

Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based Doron Gild has always insisted on an idea behind his images; even if the idea is as simple as photographing people who walk past his studio door.

His main intention throughout the years - and something he has always come back to regardless of commissioned work - was capturing people in their own environments and creating a portrait within a portrait. Inspired by the likes of August Sander and Arnold Newman, the people Doron photographs either fascinate him or simply inspire him to spend time with them in their unique environments.

Although he tries to adhere to an old school method of image making where concept, idea, and planning are in the forefront, he does not shy away from post-production, but is very careful to use it as he would have used a darkroom in the past. Doron uses Photoshop and retouching to make his sitters or subjects look as good as they can without taking wrinkles or scars away, so that although in a new medium, the photos feel old school and well crafted.

Location or lack thereof, light set-ups and mood are always planned in advance - every millimetre of Doron’s frame is considered, letting him concentrate on content and engaging with his subject. With the exception of the right moment and the sitter being in the right state of mind, Doron does not leave much to chance and is always acutely deliberate in his process.

Doron is represented by James Reps and is available for commercial and editorial assignments.

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