Addict Studios is an adaptable studio space and a top rental house that focuses on studio equipment and cameras. Located in the city center with over 700 m² of space, it is the largest studio in Madrid city center. 

They have two studios, one large and the other smaller that both have a cycloramas, a private work area for clients and a stylist area. The larger studio is fully equipped with a full bathroom with a shower as well as a hairwashing basin in the stylist area, and a large client or celebrity lounge area.

This versatile location has been used for fashion shows, TED talks, a product show room, and company seminars. They provide maximum support to professional photographers, agencies and magazines for their productions.

Perfect place to mount a video clip, advertising spot and even a photo shoot, it is a blank canvas that can be preped to suit any kind of event needs.

They have PhaseOne certified technicians and audiovisual technicians that are available to answer your questions about the equipment and space for a production.  

They offer 360º production services and can help with with anything from location permits to film in the centre to locating talent, and even catering.

Their latest work includes:

  • Rastreator, ad for the insurance company.
  • Gemeliers, “Tacones (Heels)” new music video.
  • Pantene Pro-V, advertising campaign for new product.
  • TGB, five promotional advertising commercials.
  • Glamour, three online videos.