Copenhagen: Allan Trolle

"Neither photography or art has been part of my upbringing. Photography was something that came to me, on a trip to Scotland. After returning home, the joy was fantastic when I finally saw the pictures. That became a milestone in my life.

At the Media College Denmark in Viborg I was surrounded by some incredible inspiring teachers who taught me the passion for the craft of photography. Care and respect for the image became my driving force. It became four educational years.

The driving force remains the same today. It is still the craft that makes beautiful images, where light and details are what matters to me. Every day I let myself be inspired by talented photographers around the world, to seek new knowledge and keep myself updated in the world of photography.

I am fortunate to work with competent people on assignments for customers like LEGO, Lidl Denmark, Scandic-Hotels, Aller, Turbine Publisher, VPG, Tina Munkholm, Madhimlen, Aros Food Hall, Housedoctor, Arla and BKI-Foods."

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