Dallas: Alicia Stepp

"My visual storytelling can be described as 'punk rococo': edgy and opulent.

I gravitate to the world’s in-between moments, where anticipation and excitement shimmers. I want my photography to be aspirational, building a fantasy world where curiosity and creativity can run free, borne up by the thrilling magic of youth.

As a former graphic designer and voracious consumer of pop culture—whether it’s film, art, or music—I love to go beyond the expected. If you ask me whether I prefer a look that is hard or soft and dark or light, my answer will always be yes. I celebrate the beauty in all of it. And while I take my work very seriously, I don’t think work should feel like a chore. We can make amazing visuals and have fun at the same time. The vibe on my sets is playful, inclusive, and fantastically collaborative, and the work is always stronger as a result."

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