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    May 24

    Paragon Retouch

    Creative post production

    Paragon Retouch Studio specialises in all kind of image editing: e-commerce content to hi-end editorial. Their main expertise: compositing photos with 3D and AI generated images.

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    Paragon Retouch


    Established in 2016, Paragon Retouch Studio has curated a team of seasoned retouchers and 3D artists over eight years.

    "Our distinctive workflow enables us to tackle even the most intricate projects within tight timelines.

    Our key strengths include:

    • Precision retouching for every image in any project.
    • Capacity to handle large volumes of commercial and editorial photography at short notice.
    • Proficiency in AI-generated imagery and 3D, coupled with extensive experience in composition.

    With a dynamic team of over 30 top-tier professionals, we prioritise training new recruits to meet our exacting standards. Each project is a testament to our seamless teamwork.

    Assignments may engage up to 10 retouchers, overseen by supervisors to ensure consistency in quality and aesthetics. Simultaneously, our managers meticulously manage workflows, aligning with briefs and deadlines to exceed client expectations."

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    Feb 24

    Paragon Retouch

    Creative post production

    "Paragon Retouch Studio was founded in 2016. In eight years we managed to put together a team of highly experienced retouchers and 3D artists, and adopted a unique workflow that allows us to execute the most challenging projects on a tight schedule.

    Our strengths:

    • High-end retouching of each photo in any project
    • Ability to retouch large volumes of commercial and editorial photography on short notice
    • Expertise in working with AI-generated imagery and 3D, and extensive experience in composing.

    Paragon Retouch Studio is a constantly growing team of more than 30 high-profile professionals who train new employees and help them meet our highest standards. Every project is a well-coordinated teamwork.

    One project can employ up to 10 retouchers. Supervisors make sure the quality and aesthetics across the project remain consistent. Meanwhile, managers provide impeccable workflow in accordance with the brief and deadlines to satisfy our clients’ needs."