france May 2017


Caroline Lee / Spielplatz13 Paris illustrators

Spielplatz13 is an illustration and design consultancy based in Paris. Founded by Caroline Lee in 2011, the name comes from the German word for playground, reflecting the spirit of the agency: creation born out of play and executed with precision and professionalism. 

With a range of techniques at her disposal, Caroline is best known for paper cutting and has many years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. She uses water colours and ink in her personal work.

Being of Taiwanese-American heritage, and having lived in many countries thanks to her years of work as a footwear designer, she is fluent in French and English and has an international outlook, allowing her to adjust her work to various cultures.

At the moment, Caroline is working on a graphic novel and a pop-up book, but is open to commissions at any time.

Francois Guillemin Paris Interior & Exterior Photographers

François Guillemin is a photographer working from Paris and specialised in architecture, interior and commercial photography.

Whether it is to showcase spaces, products or people in an environment where design and architecture are key, he will be able to produce photographs with strong impact.

Passionate about decorative arts and architecture, he has developed a photographic approach favouring a subtle balance between attractiveness and naturalness by offering images with careful compositions and harmonious perspectives.

Recent clients includes Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches, Mark’Style Tokyo Concept Store, Mind Every Garden (The connected plant pot), Air Studio, several architecture agencies and other companies.

Clara Tuma Marseille - Zurich people & lifestyle photographers

Clara Tuma's art is light-hearted yet sophisticated. For many years she specialised in photographing a wide range of food projects for advertising, editorials and book publishers. She then found that clients who appreciated her sense of beauty and eye for detail also started asking her to shoot travel, lifestyle, portraits and interiors.

Today, Clara’s projects are varied and her recent clients include The New York Times, Coastal Living Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Condé Nast Traveller Russia, Wincasa, MIGROS, INK Global, Coop and Le Monde Magazine.

Maria Greco Naccarato Photography Paris - Milan food & drink photographers

Maria Greco Naccarato has worked for many years as a food consultant and food stylist, designing recipes and writing articles for food magazines and collaborating with major culinary events.

In early 2012, she devoted herself to film direction and photography, making her debut with 'Zero Table Top'. Addicted to detail and with an acute understanding of the need to create appetizing visuals, Maria is able to visually convey the pleasure of 'taste' and 'scent' in every shot.

Framing food in every aspect of her work, creating the perfect food image needs food awareness and knowledge. Her beautiful kitchen is equipped in such a way that even the best restaurants would be green with envy!

Conti Sud Productions Montpellier - Paris Photo & Film Production

Based in Montpellier in the South of France, Conti Sud Productions offers all inclusive production services for film and photo clients, ranging from scouting services to crew booking, casting and set design, providing whatever is needed to ensure a successful shoot.

Through a wide network of partner companies around the world, Conti Sud Productions guarantees top quality services and efficient cost solutions for productions worldwide.

Conti Sud Productions also offers houses to rent for film and photo clients in France and Corsica, Ibiza, Bali, Mykonos, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro, Essaouira, Goa and Cape Town.

Continental Productions Paris Photo & Film Production

Continental Productions is a creative global production company based in Paris, producing all types of image content for print, film and digital platforms.

With more than 1500 projects organised in Europe and across the world in partnership with leading advertising agencies and international clients, its label ContiGroup offers a selection of worldwide offices in Paris, Barcelona, the USA, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Bangkok, Casablanca and Shanghai.

Dedicated teams with local knowledge consistently guarantee clients the best crews, locations and cost-efficient budgets.

"Continental Productions relies on strong human values ​​and qualified teams, volunteers and enthusiasts to best meet your expectations."

EyeSee Paris Photo & Film Production

EyeSee is a Paris-based full service production company working throughout France and worldwide across advertising, editorial, fashion and corporate industries. The company also produces moving images, essentially online brand content, following clients' needs and budgets.

EyeSee collaborates with clients at every stage of the creative process, providing art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Whatever the request, the company's team of highly skilled producers strives to make every production a stress-free experience. Enthusiastic, efficient and cost-effective defines EyeSee's way of working, with the company offering seamless solutions tailored to each individual client.

Recent productions include Aderma 'Fove' with photographer Bruno Juminer.

Hanne Evans Production Services Paris - Nice Photo & Film Production

Hanne Evans Production Services is a boutique production service company based in France, with offices in Paris and Nice working across film, photos, videos and events.

For the past 20 years the company has been providing quality production services for a variety of international productions and companies, shooting in the south of France and Monaco but also throughout the rest of the country and other European destinations - even northern and southern Africa.

"We can organise every aspect of your production, including (but not limited to) research, location scouting, permitting, casting, travel and accommodation, set design and prop styling, on top of the obvious shoot requirements that are, of course, a first-class team of multi-lingual technicians and production staff... Oh, and our local vendors have all the latest camera, lighting and grip equipment too.

We recognise the importance of detailed and transparent budgeting and pride ourselves on our experience and our exceptional high standards for efficiency. We do after all have a German boss!"

JPPS Paris Photo & Moving Image Production

JPPS comes with over a decade of experience in photography and advertising, along with the ambition to offer a high quality service with a touch of art de vivre.

Jacqueline Pusch and John Fanning, a German / Australian duo, are dedicated and highly organised producers who are proud of their achievements and love what they do. They put their resources, extensive network and personalised attention into every shoot, no matter the size or budget.

The JPPS client list includes luxury and consumer brands, agencies and magazines such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Rolex, Swarovski, Hanro, SunglassHut, Harrods, Manor, Holt Renfrew, Diesel, Perrier, Grey Goose, BMW, Renault, Zeit Magazine, L’Officiel Homme, Dazed & Confused, Elle, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

See a selection of their work produced on various locations around the globe.

Find JPPS Photo Production on Facebook and Instagram or visit the website for more information.

KA2 Productions Paris photo production

Based in Paris, KA2 Productions is a comprehensive, full service international production company for photography and film productions. With more than 15 years' experience in the production industry, it offers an impeccable service on all levels.

Services include art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Each job is approached with the same diligence and attention while keeping tightly to budgets.

La Moustache Paris Photo & Film Production

La Moustache is a Paris-based production company working for advertising clients, fashion and luxury brands, and magazines.

Since its creation in 2005, La Moustache has made its path into the industry and appreciates the exchange with its clients. "We enjoy the collaboration with photographers and directors, the challenge of location scouting and casting, and the precise organisation of all aspects of a production, paying close attention to every detail."

La Moustache holds productions throughout France, from Paris to the French Alps, the French Riviera and the Basque Country, as well as in foreign countries.

"We are looking forward to getting in contact with you to prepare your next shoot!"

Moodz Paris Paris Photo & Film Production services

Based in Paris, Moodz is a French service company for photo and film production.

Location scouting is the cornerstone of its activity, but Moodz also provides full service line production for projects in Paris, France and Europe - or beyond - thanks to vast experience and broad network of partners.

From simple projects to bigger logistics and preparation, the team can organize a production on all levels paying close attention to budget and the individual needs of each production.

Moodz Paris collaborates with photographers, agencies and production companies as well as established brands across sport, fashion, luxury, car, travel, lifestyle and corportate such as Puma, Oakley, Lança Perfume, Audi, Disney, Lanvin, Longchamps, Chloé, M le Monde, Vuitton and others.

La Creative Factory Paris location service & scouts

Based near Paris, La Creative Factory provides an amazing variety of locations all around France and Europe. The company is constantly searching for new places to enlarge its database which currently includes over 50,000 locations.

Paris, the French Riviera, the Alps, the Atlantic Coast, the Pyrénnées - la Creative Factory has images from all parts of France to satisfy every need. "Modern houses and buildings, coastal roads, Parisian flats, lavender fields, chalets in the Alps, curvy Pyreneen roads, we have the type of locations you are looking for!"

La Creative Factory has also provided locations in Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland over recent years.

The team has a technical and creative outlook for each project, whether the client is a production company, a photographer, a director, or an advertising agency.

"Get in touch to find out the locations we can offer for your next production."

Octopix Paris Photo & Film Production

Created in 1999, Octopix is a full service production company based in Paris providing experienced multilingual coordinators, friendly assistants and effective technicians to make shoots run as smoothly as possible.

The agency offers the largest location database in France and loves the challenge of finding that "impossible" location - in France and throughout the world.

Octopix also includes casting and set design services.

The agency adapts to creative and budget expectations for clients as diverse as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft and Vogue, to name just a few.

REGGLISS Production Nice - Marseille Photo & Film Production

Reggliss Production is a tailor-made photo and film production company based in Marseille and Nice. The company provides a full range of services including the consulting mission, location scouting, permits, casting, equipment, technical teams, location vans, budgeting and cost control.

"With a huge choice of locations, 25 years of experience and a dynamic and professional team, why not entrust Reggliss for your next campaign?"

For still and video shoots on the French Riviera, Monaco, St Tropez, Provence, Camargue, the Alps and abroad, contact Gilles at Reggliss Production.

Splashprod Paris Photo & Film Production and Services

Splashprod is a production company based in Paris specialised in diving coordination for media projects to facilitate filming in and around water. The company's work has appeared in countless ad campaigns and feature films, and it currently owns three underwater stages exclusively dedicated to underwater filming (feature films, short films, video clips, advertising, etc.) and photography.

Those tanks allow Splashprod to build underwater sets to best meet the ambitious ideas of its customers, providing a highly-trained and experienced team of underwater camera operators, underwater assistants, safety divers and actor trainers in order to provide the best experience.

In addition to underwater filming, Splashprod provides the tools for sophisticated water games such as shower, rain, waterfall and river effects. The company is also a supplier for rental equipment: camera housing, underwater lighting, underwater intercom, and more.

Clients include Kusmi Tea Paris, Kenzo, Chanel, L'Oréal, IKKS, Tudor, Amnesty International, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Arena, Swarovski, Adidas, Tag Heuer and C&A.


RVZ's team of 40 professionals has 29 years of experience and is available for all production needs.

Equipment includes:

  • Flashes - Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Elinchrom, Multiblitz.
  • DIgital capture - Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leaf.
  • Cameras - Red Weapon 6K, Red Helium 8k, Epic M, Scarlet, Arri Alexa mini, Canon EOS C300.
  • HMI/Tungsten - Arri, K5600, Desisti, Dedolight.
  • Fluos/LEDs Kino Flo, Lite Panels, SL1, Skypanels, trucolor, Cineled.
  • Softboxes, frames, textiles, effects and specific accessories including wind and smoke machines. Props, make-up stations, folding tables, chairs and boxes, ollies and accessories, lighting grips, standard, power distribution, trucks, location vans, generators and motorhomes.

Contact RVZ @ Paris-Ivry sur Seine on +33(0)1 47 46 17 00 or in Marrakech on +212 (0)5 24 30 14 20.