canada Jul 2022


Kevin Uy Photography Vancouver car & transportation photographers

So far this year has been a year of BEVs and EVs for Kevin Uy Photography. Starting off the year is work with the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo photographed and filmed in Victoria, BC, then off to working with Toyota for the launch of the BZ4X and new Mirai also in Victoria BC.

A few weeks ago, the team finished the first part of campaign with Subaru featuring largely in part the Subaru Solterra which is yet another BEV entering the markets. The team looks forward to capturing and representing more of these vehicles in the stunning Canadian landscapes.

Currently, Kevin is working on improving photography and videography direction along with preparation for other projects in 2022.

See more of his work via his website to stay connected!

Andrew Latreille Vancouver advertising photographers

Andrew is a photographer specialising in architecture, interiors, aerial and editorial work based in Vancouver, Canada.

A pre-breakfast work ethic was ingrained into him from many years of coaching, training, and competing in various sports. This also fostered his ability to work in small or large creative teams in the quest for excellence.

His photography seeks out the interplay and energy between natural light, spatial qualities, and the human interaction with these aspects. The resulting imagery imbues the viewer with an immersive sense of wonder, atmosphere, and place.

The scale of projects he visits are broad, from city towers to small wilderness cabins and boutique interiors. Each are of utmost interest and deserving of his creative attention, whether it be still photography, video, timelapse or aerial.

His partners and clients are predominantly architects, interior designers, developers, design agencies and editorial publications. Whether local or international, all have a common drive to push the boundaries of design at varying scales and they look to Andrew for imagery that aligns with this. His imagery is used to help win his clients design competitions, showcase their work in editorials, or in photography exhibitions.

He regularly writes and speaks about how to align your photographic vision and purpose with that of your clients. He is proud to be an ambassador for Phase One Cameras.

James Alfred Photography Vancouver advertising photographers

"Beginning as a multi-disciplinary artist, I have now been working as a commercial photographer across British Columbia since 2006. I love working with passionate designers and artists, and want to help them present their best work with my best visual craftsmanship, using all the tools at my disposal to craft the most complimentary and truthfully representative imagery.

In my architectural work, my style is focused on achieving a natural, ambient light look, which I love for its truthfulness, but I also appreciate being able to push things in creative directions when I can. In my personal work I am drawn to photograph beautiful designs and compositions wherever they are found, especially in nature. I care deeply for the environment, and would love to highlight sustainable design- with a special interest in reclaimed and repurposed materials.

As something of a recent pivot, I was able to satisfy my desire to do more conceptual and expressive work by doing some creative portrait sessions for music artist The Arctic, which is something I am keen to do more of!"

Adam Blasberg Vancouver advertising photographers

Adam Blasberg finds the calm in the energy. He is a strategist that invites spontaneity. His yin and yang approach to photography finds dramatic moments but shows them subtly.

He is a very happy person that understands the challenges that goes along with being a human in today’s fast paced world.

Pooya Nabei Vancouver advertising photographers

Pooya Nabei was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. He moved to Canada at the age of 17. Pooya’s passion for photography began at his high school photography class. His professional career launched in 2005 when he started photographing nightlife. Pooya's work first came to notice when he was published on Applied Arts in 2011.

He enjoys the full spectrum of photography – from planning large-concept fashion shoots, galleries or portraits in one-on-one intimate settings.

Pooya is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Alex Waber Vancouver Fashion, Lifestyle and Outdoor Photographers

Alex Waber is an award winning photographer specialising in fashion, lifestyle and outdoor photography.

His work has been internationally published including in Vogue, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and Montecristo. His clients include Arc’teryx, Tilley, Kit + Ace, and Purple Brand.

With a background in cinematography, Alex often brings a keen sense of lighting and narrative to his assignments. He loves a complex set up in studio, but is always keen to get creative of location and in nature.

When Alex isn’t on set he can be found in his studio in Vancouver’s Chinatown experimenting with abstract photography and playing with oil paint, or in the mountains around the city, usually riding his bike.

Montreal/Quebec Photography Productions Quebec photo production

Quebec doubles for pretty much anywhere - Quebec is Canada’s largest province and home of arguably the “cheatiest” locations in the world. Three times larger than France and four times larger than California, Quebec’s remarkably diverse landscape and scenery make it possible to shoot in a variety of settings: urban or pastoral, modern or historical, North American, European...

Steven Spielberg pretended the city was Marseille, for George Clooney it was New York, Helsinki, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and, perhaps most impressively, managed to turn Montreal to both Scotland and India. In the last few years, it has also stood in for Munich, Las Vegas, Rome, Ancient Sparta, Washington, Nevada, the Arctic, the Centre of the Earth and Beirut.

A compelling blend of Old World charm and North American modernity, Québec offers dramatic contrasts. Both Montréal and Quebec City have historical French and British-style buildings that blend in with the modern architecture of nearby structures.

Due to the sheer size of Quebec, it has a remarkable variety of landscapes, including fertile plains, the highest mountain chains in eastern Canada, more than one million lakes, and thousands of rivers. The St. Lawrence River is one of the longest rivers in the world and has a coastline that runs from west to east through Quebec. Quebec also has wide swaths of forest, taiga and tundra, as well as permanently frozen glaciers in the far north.