spain Feb 2011


APRODUCTIONS Madrid commercial production

a productions has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands that offer experienced producers and a strong infrastructure to face every kind of project.

Production services for national and international TV Commercials and Photo, supported by an image archive of over 200.000 locations and 3 studios (1 shooting stage and 2 tabletop). Additionaly they have a full service events department.

Recent projects include:

  • Worldwide campaign for Magnum, shot in London by Diver & Aguilar.
  • Worldwide campaign for Rexona, shot in Uruguay by Jesús Alonso.
  • Worldwide campaign for Privilege Spain, directed by Yago Garbizu and shot by Juanlu Real.
  • Worldwide campaign for Gaston y Daniela, shot by JC de Marcos.
  • A new Ford Focus campaign, shot by Jesús Alonso.

Directors include Eugenio Recuenco, Bosi&Sironi, Miquel Navarro, Héctor Gómez Rioja, Nacho Sarrais, Ale Burset, Yago Garbizu, Losito & Losito (high-speed tabletop specialists), and film-makers Enrique Urbizu and Miguel Albadalejo.

a productions offers art buying consultancy to advertising agencies and direct clients nationaly and internationally.

The company exclusively represents a selection of highly talented photographers worldwide, and its art buying department is continuously recruiting new talents and researching the latest technologies to best respond to clients' needs.

Team Works Production Madrid commercial production

Valencia and Barcelona, two of Spain’s hottest destinations, were chosen to film a new TV commercial for Hyundai by Alpheon. Five days were allotted to complete four films, shot in 35mm with a lot of tracking vehicles and R1 rigs. For the interior shots, the company had to remove the roof of one of the cars in order to place the camera inside. The locations on this project varied from country roads across the mountains to the exclusive Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias buildings, designed by world-renowned architect Calatrava.

Dolce Vita Productions Barcelona photo production

Dolce Vita's winter is shaping up to be extremely busy between the Canaries and Argentina.

Latest productions include:

  • New Yorker with Sam Bisso and Esther Haase in Tenerife.
  • Otto with Oliver Kühl, Roger Weber and Hendrik Nenneke in Gran Canaria.
  • Otto with Michael Goldenbaum in Barcelona.
  • Venca with Joan Carles Ponsa in Ibiza.
  • Venca with Olivier Ribardiere in Barcelona.
  • Bonobo with Henry Roy in Buenos Aires.

The season in the Canaries lasts all year long with permanently mild temperatures, while Argentina is ideal until April just before the winter starts. Contact the Barcelona office for more information.

Insitu Locations & Services S.L Barcelona photo production

Barcelona-based Insitu Locations & Services offers full production services throughout the Iberian Peninsula, with branches in Madrid and the Canary and Balearic Islands. The company also provides production services in Brazil, Argentina and Chile and has built a strong worldwide reputation as a top production services company.

Latest campaigns include:

  • The new Codorniu campaign with photographer Taki Bibelas, shot on location and in the studio in Barcelona with agency WFCA.
  • Worldwide photo campaign for FIFA collections S/S 2011 with photographer Ben Ingham.
  • Nissan GTR sports car shoot by photographer Carl Lyttle with agency New Robinson Creapress. The production was shot on the racetrack and in several locations around Barcelona.

Landing Zone Production Tenerife photo production

"A New Year, fresh air and energy for the Landing Zone team; with current temperatures at 20ºC, we're more than ready for you!"

Landing Zone's team has developed an optimised way of working in the Canary Islands by assisting clients with the most effective and professional support.

Visit the website and check out its latest locations.

David Matellanes Madrid fashion photographers

David Matellanes shoots fashion and advertising photography in his own unique style. His intimate and highly personal photographs evoke a mysterious, seductive and dreamlike state that aims to transport his audience into a world of sensations.

David's dedication means he is involved from start to finish in all of his creative projects. He enjoys each part of the process and is only satisfied when he has achieved the goal of transmitting his emotions into his work.

Latest work includes:

•    Editorials for XL Semanal and Stylissimo.
•    Advertising for Sra. Rushmore and Senses.
•    Fashion campaigns for Carmela Rosso, Chareli, Lola Valdueza and Monsi.

Fernando Alonso Madrid fashion photographers

Latest work from Fernando Alonso:

  • Editorials for magazines Happy Woman and Luxos.
  • Fashion campaigns for Abbacino, Lolitas, Dándara, Tonalá, Archeologíe, MdM and LyD.

Visit his website for more information.

Jose Luis Villar Studio Madrid fashion photographers

Jose Luis Villar has been dedicated to photography since 1987. He works across advertising, fashion and still life shooting for clients in Spain and France.

Jose's studio is fully equipped for a range of productions and includes a team of highly qualified professionals who offer an organised yet human working environment.

Clients include Publis NCM, Arista, Gobierno Vasco, Banco Guipuzcoano, Kutxa, BBK, Indiwoman, Cold-Alaska, Diksí, Poupee Chic, IH, Eroski, Ulma and many more.

Addict Studios Madrid rental studios photo & film

Addict Studios offers 500 m² of studio workspace with facilities including natural light, two a face cove, 100 KW power, 5-7m ceiling height, 25m shooting range, vehicle entrance, free parking at the door, rest and meeting areas, a fully equipped independent make-up and styling area, air conditioning, water shooting facilities, catering services, a fully equipped kitchen and free breakfast, experienced crews, free 12MB Wi-Fi and an iMac G5. Equipment rental includes Profoto, Arri, Kinoflo and digital backs from Hasselblad (H3DII 31/39), PhaseOne (P45 plus), and Canon Mark II – Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II.

Recent work includes:

  • Ford
  • Audi A7
  • Yo dona
  • Vanidad
  • Telva
  • Magazine
  • EP3
  • Gioseppo
  • Universal Music

Special shoots in Addict Studios included collaborations with Eugenio Recuenco, Rankin, Ale Burset, Rafa Gallar, Txema Yeste, Gonzalo Puertas, Sergi Margalef,  Diver & Aguilar, Gary Prior, Bruno Dayan, Scott C., Nagi Sakay, Juan Gatti, Joan Alsina, Carlos Alsina and Juanluis Real.

Visit the website for more information about equipment, rates and special offers.

Centro Studios Madrid rental studios

Located in downtown Puerta del Sol, Centro Studios offers 800 m² for all types of photographic, film, casting and event production. The studios are fully equipped with lighting (Profoto), cameras and equipment for professionals who require 24/7 solutions.

The company's digital department carries the latest technology, including Hasselblad H3DII 31/39, Phase One P45+, Canon Mark III and 5D Mark II cameras, and also offers technical advice, colour management, scanner facilities, certified proofs, fine art prints, digital retouching and CGI.

Centro Studios recently opened new offices in the Canary Islands where clients can rent Profoto lighting, softboxes and accessories and have them delivered on set.

Recent jobs included:

  • Campaigns: Ford, SIDA, Nike, Adidas, Tanqueray Gin, Lois and Havainas.
  • Magazines: Yo Dona, Marie Claire, FHM, Rolling Stone, Neo 2, Vanidad, Tendencias, FHM Bionic, El Duende, Shangay, Oh My God, El Mundo, 40 Principales and El Magazine.

Recent photographers include Eugenio Recuenco, Jesús Alonso, Carlos Alsina, Javier Salas, Raúl Docasar, Sergi Margalef, Antonio Cordero, Isaac Morrel, Malcolm Birkett, Humberto Vignali, Alberto Escudero, Markus Rico, Ana Nieto, Daniel Alea, Enmanuel Rouzic and Pepe Ayma.