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Linda’s always lived her life at the nexus of art, lifestyle and business. A born aesthete, with an insatiable appetite for hip hop and youth culture, her curiosity never ends. Whether it’s building homes, multinational campaigns or intimate films that hero the feminine.

As an adept filmmaker associated with LifeDesign, Linda embarks on a profound journey to delve into the creative odysseys undertaken by six remarkable artists. This mission is ignited by her passionate involvement in crafting a short film series for empowerment platform Give Her A Crown 2023, and empowered by Jaguar.

“Excellent, Linda, you nailed it! Your intuitive creativity and commitment to each of your subjects, driven by love for your work, for life and for humanity, give you an uncanny ability to read a person through and through.

In this very short film she succeeded in depicting the frustration that often accompanies my life as a realistic artist without taking away anything from the beauty of it all.” Lena Hugo, portrait artist.