Jean Cazals

London - photographers

Jean Cazals is one of the world's leading food and lifestyle photographers, having won numerous awards in London and abroad. His latest winning was the prestigious M&S Food Portrait category at the Pink Lady 'Best Food Photographer 2016'.

Jean has a unique eye and style with his use of natural light and styling which is part of the blueprint that his clients are also looking for. He is always searching and looking to bring a strong identity to each image. He is devoted to food as much as photography - his passion and understanding of the business, having worked with numerous chefs and restaurants for 20 years, provides expertise across editorial, design, publishing and advertising projects.

His kitchen/studio is based in Notting Hill and is full of props. Jean also loves shooting on location and abroad. Nothing excites him more than diversity and a new challenge - from street food to Michelin star chefs, helping develop brand and looks! Ideas and concept are his favourite things.

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