Ashley Lewis London

Ashley Lewis is a London-based advertising, lifestyle and sports photographer. His style is clean, sophisticated and authentic.

“Wether we’re shooting in a studio or on location, my goal is always the same and that's to create the very best moments. It’s all about checking off the essentials, then having some fun.”

Shooting around the world, Ashley’s latest commission took him to Los Angeles where he worked with leading technology company Daqri. Ashley’s recent clients include Nike, Sony, Odlo and Shell.

Bill Sumner Boston

Bill Sumner loves to take honest pictures of real people and have a blast.

"I have been doing it for quite a while for many different clients all over the world. Working with good people who love to collaborate and to come up with something they never thought of is the best.

Of course, you need a plan when you start a project, but you must also be open to the happy accidents which can supersede anything you imagined. Everyone at the shoot is a potential contributor, and they need the opportunity to chime in. During one job, when I was working as an assistant, the photographer, who was exhausted after a long day, asked the janitor leaning on his broom what he thought. We worked another two hours getting some of the best stuff yet.

My studio is just north of Boston, but my passport is current so anywhere I can get to on this planet can be my next location. Let's talk and hopefully have some fun together."

Clients include: Nike, Converse, Raddison, Royal Caribbean, Wyndham, National Gypsum, American Airlines, and many others.

Brandon Flint Photography Salt Lake City

Brandon Flint is an accomplished sports and lifestyle photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He loves to create and capture life’s beautiful and authentic moments thanks to his ability to make people feel comfortable and natural on set.

Working alongside a team of other like-minded, creative, and talented people, Brandon tackles projects ranging from editorial pieces to full production advertising campaigns for clients big and small. He has been a go-to and trusted photographer for many people over the last 10 years.

Brandon has worked with clients including Browing, Outside Magazine, Hi-Chew, Backpacker, Runners World Magazine, Via, Adweek, Skullcandy, and Select Health among others.

Check out his website for more details.

Chris Hunt New York

Chris Hunt began his career as a photojournalist, but soon moved into fashion and advertising photography. For the last 15 years he has worked all over the world for a varied roster of clients.

He has recently broadened his portfolio into film, directing TV commercials for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Chris is currently based in New York City.

Represented by Upfront Christian Doppelgatz Berlin - Capetown

At first, photography for Christian was just an excuse to escape the library while he was earning his master's degree in philosophy and media studies at the University of Cologne. However, being a passionate traveler, he increasingly enjoyed how looking at the world through a lens brought details into his sight that otherwise would have been overlooked: A real sense of discovery. He has pursued photography both personally and professionally ever since.  

Both in documentary and commercial photography, Christian is always looking for that spark of authenticity that makes his images human and relatable.

He is currently based in Berlin and Capetown. Since 2016, UPFRONT photo & film has represented him. 

Christoph Siegert Hamburg

On the occasion of the International POS campaign of Nivea Sun and FCB, Hamburg Christoph and his team turned to sunny Portugal. Evocative images produced on the beach south of Lisbon entice the viewer to spend more time with family and of course, care more for sun kissed skin.

For Loki Schmidt Foundation, Christoph Siegert photographed visually arresting motifs for the current image campaign. The motifs are designed to stimulate an emotional appeal and focus on the people in nature as well as the interest of the viewer for the Loki Schmidt Foundation. The Foundation was established by the wife of the former, recently deceased Chancellor of the Federal Republic Helmut Schmidt. The aim of the Foundation is to preserve rare plants and the unique nature throughout Germany.

The Fruit Vendors are Christoph's contribution to the current BFF (Bund freelance photographer and film designers Germany) exhibition in Berlin entitled "Reduction." The interior of a car serves as screen for a highly emotional sales processes. The Fruit Vendors have emerged along the highway north of Nairobi, Kenya, in a photo project for an NGO.

Claus Morgenstern Mannheim

With projects for the University of Mannheim as well as personal work, in this Spotlight Claus Morgenstern presents his unique way of seeing things. "There is no bad weather: the Alps in a foggy mood is just as perfect as a parking lot in Los Angeles with Michael!"

Feel free to call Claus - he is happy to have a good chat!

From November, Claus will be represented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by PAM - Mirjam Böhm in Hamburg.

Damien Bredberg Sydney

Damien Bredberg has carved a reputation as one of Australia’s premium and most sought after professional photographers. Specialising in advertising and commercial photography, he has been producing international award-winning images for over a decade.

With his team and a dedicated producer, they have a unique ability to conceptualise ideas, produce and manage photography production projects from start-to-finish. Every brief is nurtured to its fullest potential, and delivered complete and ready for photography production.

Damien is renowned for his ability to impress his subjects and clients with his unique approach to extract stories, character and emotion. Above all, his ability to maintain a relaxed environment whilst keeping his subjects completely comfortable is a true testament to his professionalism.

Fisher Creative - Mark Fisher Jackson, WY

Fisher Creative stemmed from Mark Fisher’s desire to create a world-class production house that is comprised of the best people in the industry who share a collective passion for creating the most compelling, story-driven, fresh and unique still and motion content.

Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Fisher Creative team is incredibly solid, tight-knit, and able to channel this energy into every project, creating results that exceed client expectations. Equally important, the Fisher Creative team has an intense work ethic, love what they do, have a good time doing it. and are laid back and super fun to be on a shoot with, despite working tirelessly.

This feature contains a recent campaign by Fisher Creative for Royal Caribbean.

Gwenny Eeckels Photography Antwerp - Brussels

Gwenny Eeckels (1978) is a Belgium-based photographer who is passionate about her job – both nearby and far away.

She loves to travel, meet new people and capture meaningful moments. She takes the art of image-making into new dimensions by experimenting with different techniques.

Gwenny's favourite themes are portrait, lifestyle, celebrity and commercial. She always goes the extra mile to make her clients happy.

Jens Görlich Fotos Frankfurt

When it comes to people photography, Jens Görlich strives to capture that special moment: a situation that might unintendedly occur or may sometimes require a tentative and intensive approach in order to make it happen.

Jens is based out of Frankfurt and works worldwide in the areas of people, landscape and transportation for agencies, magazines and direct clients.

Jim Hughes San Francisco

Life is made up of quickly passing moments and capturing them is what San Francisco-based lifestyle-advertising photographer, Jim Hughes does.

From Dubai to Shanghai, Jim travels the world photographing unforgettable images for clients such as HP, United, GE, Wells Fargo, CVS, and Coca-Cola.

Jim’s collaborative approach has maintained happy and returning clients and created award-winning shots along the way. Whether Jim is in the back streets or on Wall Street, his technical experience combined with his knack for working with cast brings ideas and concepts to life.

Kelly Elaine Los Angeles

"I'm Kelly of Kelly Elaine Photo. I've been told that I'm great at helping people to emote, which is why my portraits and campaigns usually look very authentic and full of feeling.

We've had some super exciting projects lately! One clothing campaign I shot last month for an up-and-coming L.A. clothing line, Paper Machine, was featured in HUF Magazine. I recently had a photo from a music artist promo shoot featured in Marie Claire Kazakstan, and we had a collaboration with a really fun hat company called The Salty Plank.

I'm really interested in working with active and outdoor brands in the market for lookbooks, catalog photos, and social media campaigns.

Let's build something that markets your business perfectly and pulls in some new clients for you! When I'm not photographing, I'm doing yoga, hiking, spending time with friends, and enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer."

Represented by Vue Kerry Harrison London

Kerry Harrison is a lifestyle photographer, working with clients such as Specsavers, Cancer Research, Blistex, Cow & Gate, and BBC iPlayer to name a few, as well as busy working on his own personal work.

Kerry’s style has been described as distinctly British, with his crisp images and expert use of natural lighting. Kerry has an excellent ability of capturing the natural moment, bringing his images to life and engaging the viewer.

Kerry is proficient at adjusting to changing conditions especially when working on location, thinking on his feet and working with the elements available is his speciality.

Marina Kloess Munich

Munich-based photographer Marina Kloess is specialised in lifestyle, kids and people photography. She regularly works on a diverse range of personal projects and is well known for her honest, natural images.

Marina's professional photography career started in 2009 and she has since amassed extensive experience in kids, lifestyle and people photography, shooting on location and in the studio in Germany and abroad.

Marina captures and communicates moments, feelings and people in a way that is both tangible and sincere.

Her latest projects took her to Cape Town.

Mark Carter New Zealand

Mark is a passionate photographer who loves to create moments that capture true emotions and connect with the viewer. He has been internationally awarded for his work and is known as a great collaborator.

Born into the Wild West coast of New Zealand, he has a love of being in the outdoors and a sense of adventure. His relaxed manner with people of all ages and backgrounds help him connect easily and bring out the best in talent.

Mark’s specialties include portraiture, lifestyle, and landscape photography. His images are rich and vibrant with a dynamic mood and texture to them, offering a sense of immersion in the scene.

Mark’s clients include Zyrtec, Pfizer, Mountain Dew, Samsung, Air New Zealand, Warner Music NZ and Tower Insurance among others.

His work has been featured in Communication Arts Photography annual and is represented by IDC Photographers worldwide and in Australia by Hellstudios.

Matthew Joseph London

Award-winning London-based commercial and advertising photographer Matthew Joseph specialises in capturing people and lifestyle. Visual storytelling is a passion and he aims to deliver it to the client with impact, relevance and accuracy, utilising his wide-ranging experience across many areas of photography.

Matthew had a busy summer, which started by photographing Great Britain’s weightlifters for Cybex ahead of the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. As well as pursuing a (soon to be released) new personal project, he has been busy shooting for British Airways Magazine, The Guardian, Markel Insurance, Bob Martin Pet Health and producing campaigns for charities such as Cyrenians Housing and The Grassroots Trust.

Mead Norton New Zealand

"I grew up in an artistic house with a father who was an architect and a mother who was a portrait photographer, so you could say that I was destined to follow in their footsteps! I loved the whole idea of capturing the world around me and was always that kid who carried their camera everywhere.

When I was a teenager I got my first taste of working in a darkroom at school and spent most of my free time before, during, and after school rolling film, shooting photos, or printing images. I continued with my photography at university, working on the college’s newspaper before going on to get my Master’s of Science in Photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

Since leaving school, not much has changed, I still lug a camera everywhere - 30 countries and counting, to the top of a Himalayan mountain, under the Ocean, and just about everywhere else you can think of! Through my photography I have been able to work on some amazing projects including shooting from the back of an America’s Cup yacht, hanging out of a helicopter shooting an active volcano, and meeting some of the world’s best athletes."

Clients include Destination Rotorua, Polynesian Spa, Boom Skateboarding, Vibram Five Fingers, Kori Kita, D’baron, Pearson Bikes and Jefferson Bikes.

Nick David London

This month's Spotlight features images from Nick David's latest lifestyle campaign shoot for Nationwide as well as a new skateboard project shot in London and Brighton.

"For this brief we street casted local skateboarders which really helped to create an authentic feel, making it easier to shoot those genuine moments which art buyers and clients always want."

Also coming out this month is Nick's latest film ‘The Big Cloth’ which was commissioned by The Harris Tweed Authority. Shot on the beautiful Scottish island of Lewis and Harris earlier this year, with fellow filmmaker Jack Flynn.

Documenting this unique story, "was a fantastic opportunity to shoot some beautiful footage and get an insight into the making of this timeless, classic textile. The film will be used for online digital marketing, making it a really effective way to communicate brand stories to a global audience."

All the latest news and images can be seen at Nick’s website.

He is represented in the UK by Lisa Pritchard Agency (LPA).

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a US and UK based ‘big picture’ photographer and director. He is known for his panoramic, high definition landscapes and lifestyle.

His career has seen him work on large-scale productions in the UK and abroad for clients including Canon, American Airlines and Citi Bank

His personal projects take him to the world’s rugged environments to document their impressive landscapes and the communities that live alongside them. 

Nick’s captivating images have seen him feature in Luerzers Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide', win an International Photography Award, and regularly feature in the PDN Photo Annual.

Oana Szekely Frankfurt - Cape Town

"It has been a cloudy, rainy summer but we had a splendid September and completed a student lifestyle shoot in beautiful Berlin. 20 People over three days with a big team, a good atmosphere, and lots of fun!"

Oana Szekely is a reknowned people, celebrity and lifestyle photographer based in Frankfurt and Cape Town. With more than 10 years of experience and together with a talented professional team, she offers the highest quality production bringing passion, creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility on set.

On top of making shoots effective, she also provides services including crew, styling, make-up, models, locations and equipment.

"The easiest way to communicate with pictures is by creating and catching emotions."

Featured in this Spotlight are results from recent work for wdv. Be sure to also check the 'making of' video.

Oliver Rossi Frankfurt

Born to an Italian musician in Wiesbaden, Oliver Rossi has been travelling the world since childhood. After finishing his studies, he took a 35mm camera to explore India where he discovered his love for photography.

After gaining invaluable experience assisting a number of photographers, Oliver now produces his own powerful imagery as a freelance photographer. His photographs act as a medium in the truest sense of the word, as they establish a silent relationship between the model and the viewer.

Featured in this Spotlight photos from following productions: Vodafone, Christ Moden, DHL, portraits of a violin builder and Staggenborg Apotheken.

Oliver also just finished a shooting for REWE supermarkets. Photos will be shown in the next publication.

He has been nominated for the Canon Pro Fashion Award and the International Master Color Awards for Photography, and has received third place in the Public Choice Awards as well as an Honorable Mention at PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Other clients include Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Mustang Jeans, Samsung, and Siemens.

Peter Baiamonte New York

New York City-based Peter Baiamonte loves to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, reveal some personality in his subjects, and communicate a sense of meaning in his images.

Peter’s work includes many genres. He feels passionate about sports, portraiture, travel, and landscapes. He has a second location in the Berkshires, and works regularly with clients in both New York and Boston, with easy access to the entirety of New England.

Recent projects include a fall fashion cover story for Berkshire Magazine that integrated portraiture and fashion. A cover shot of actress Karen Allen was a highlight of the project.

Peter was also the behind-the-scenes photographer for Karen Allen’s first film as a director: 'A Tree A Rock A Cloud', filmed in the Berkshires, and featuring well-known actor Jeff DeMunn. The film is currently being screened at film festivals nationwide. Visit the film's website for more information.

Peter's clients have included Ernst & Young, Con Edison, Panasonic, Bayer, Harrison and Star, Novartis, Berkshire Magazine, Teva Neuroscience, and Webster Bank.

Renee Farias Los Angeles - New York

At a young age, Renee found it humorous to “borrow” his mother’s camera and use all of the film. While she wasn’t too happy, she was undoubtedly proud to have influenced his lucrative photography career.

His journey through the lens has been similar to the term composition in photography - being both harmonious and discordant. A Veteran of the U.S. Army, Renee has seen both sides of the visual spectrum, the beauteous wonders of life and the horrific brutality of war.

He currently resides in Los Angeles with his adorable beagle. Specialising in lifestyle, portrait, fashion and beauty photography, Renee is always resourceful and mindful of his client’s own creative visions. His success speaks for itself, as he has photographed many high profile celebrity clients and major brands.

“I believe as people, we are imperfectly perfect; a beautiful mess."

Robert Neumann Photography Michigan

Robert Neumann is a Michigan-based lifestyle and portrait photographer known for his ability to tell stories. It is part art, but mostly the ability to see and capture life, laughter, and the unexpected - one frame at a time.

He spent his youth roaming the woods and wading the streams of Northern Michigan, spending evenings bathed in the glow of a campfire listening to the stories told of other times. Robert formed a love of the outdoors and became a student of light and the flow of natural design: he learned to listen.

In love with travel and the lure of the road, his camera has taken him around the globe. He is as careful and deliberate making pictures of a landscape as he is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Today, Robert calls Grand Rapids, MI, home. An emerging gem of the Midwest Grand Rapids is the home of Steelcase, Kellogg’s, Amway and Herman Miller.

Clients include American Express, PwC, Nationwide Insurance, Kimberly-Clark, Michigan State University and Kellogg's.

Spid New Zealand

Spid’s relaxed attitude, professionalism, technical ability and problem solving has led to many international clients making him the natural choice for their assignments.

Spid has been working for well-known clients like Vodafone Germany, Singapore Airlines, Coca-Cola, Birdseye, Watties, and Mobil, just to name a few.

Always looking for new ways to express his art, he embraces a very collaborative approach and is never far away from his camera.

Stephen Greeff Frankfurt - Cape Town

Stephen Greeff is a fashion, lifestyle and advertising photographer who loves creativity, traveling and being outdoors. He is often capturing epic moments in his photos stringing a narrative, exploring creative angels and experimenting with new digital media.

Stephen is known for highly emotive work as well as for capturing the moment.

As an image-maker, he is constantly on the move, traveling for work or just for the experience.

Campaigns include Avon Cosmetics, Kult Magazine, ForU Designs, Fat Face, and Quinny.