Adam DeTour Boston

de-tour: verb – to go or travel to a place along a way that is different from the usual or planned way.

Whatever the subject, photographer Adam DeTour brings a unique and devoted eye to his projects and assignments. A sought after food and portrait photographer, with a full service studio Boston, MA, his clients include Green Giant, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, Four Seasons Hotels, and many others.

Landing in Boston by way of New Hampshire, Italy, and New York City, Adam is both meticulous and approachable in his work.

Outside of photography, he enjoys swimming, hiking, and time at home with his wife and daughters.

Andy Grimshaw London

London-based photographer Andy Grimshaw specialises in food, drink and still life photography. He works out of his own central London studio with fully equipped kitchen.

Andy works with an experienced team of freelance home economists, assistants, prop stylists and retouchers. This enables him to put together a specialist team for any and all your photo shoot requirements. Andy also has a North American based producer who is able to assist in putting together a team for any shoots that need to be shot in the US.

Over the past quarter, Andy has been busy working on advertising campaigns for Grey Goose Vodka, Fortnum and Mason, and also continuing work with Delicious Magazine as well as rebrand work for Danone, Robinsons Fruit Juice, Dove, Lays, Gu Desserts, Quaker Oats, Napolina, Dash Water, and Whitby Seafood.

If you have any projects you’d like to discuss with Andy, please call him on +44 207 267 7600.

Caspar Miskin Paris

After working as a chef in Copenhagen and London, Caspar Miskin made the natural transition to food photography. This Paris-based published photographer produces both stills and motion, and works internationally across the culinary spectrum.

Caspar shoots food but also drinks, in which he specialises. You might also find him taking a portrait of a chef, filming a whiskey distillery or even covering a ramen festival in Tokyo. That’s why his clients span from small producers, to up-and-coming craftspeople, to high end brands.

With his Scandinavian minimalist look, he achieves simplicity even within a complex setting. Caspar is a technical creative with a knack for finding solutions thanks to his knowledge of lighting and perseverance. Whether it’s dealing with the difficulty of shooting liquids and glass or capturing a fleeting moment, he will always push for the best result.

Caspar is represented by FHMT.

Emma Guscott London

Emma Guscott is a London-based photographer specialising in food, drink and lifestyle.

Emma Guscott’s photographic journey has been defined by an innate ability to capture impactful and elegant imagery. She is passionate about infusing her imagery with a reflection of the natural world and strives to enhance storytelling through her lighting and colouring.

Partnering effortlessly with highly skilled creative teams in the food and drink industry, Emma is comfortable working on expansive productions as well as more intimate photo shoots. She has a solid client base of both commercial and editorial clients.

Recent clients include: Ocado Life, Caprice Holdings, Sainsburys, The Guardian.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have a project you would like to discuss.

Check out more of Emma’s work on Instagram or on her website.

Freddy Clark New York

Freddy Clark is a commercial advertising photographer based in the New York City area, specialising in capturing vibrant photographs that make drinks and beverages look so enticing you’ll want to reach in, grab it and drink it. His work is highly detailed and has been described as “taken right out of a sexy speakeasy lounge”.

With a passion for studio work and collaborating with clients, he brings a contagious excitement to every project. His mastery of both artificial and natural lighting ensures captivating photography that will elevate your campaign to new heights.

Whether he is creating splashes and pours or working with Artificial Intelligence and video screens, photographs will be cutting edge yet timeless.

Call +1 732-666-8012 to talk about your needs.

Jean Cazals London

London-based Jean Cazals is an award-winning photographer with a rich history of collaboration with numerous global hospitality clients.

Jean's work primarily revolves around location-based photography, characterised by a distinctive graphic approach and a keen sense of color and space. Styling is one of his strengths, and he consistently strives to exceed expectations. A true team player, Jean enjoys photographing people as much as he does love shooting food and interiors.

His ability to perceive beyond the ordinary has garnered both praise and awards. Jean's approach to composition and photography is deeply rooted in concept and idea creation, and he values open communication with clients.

Having excelled in portraiture, travel, food, and interior photography, Jean offers a comprehensive package to meet diverse needs under one roof.

With a passion for books, Jean has successfully shot over 80 of them. He appreciates the production process and dedication involved in creating compelling book imagery.

Visit his new website to see the full spectrum of his work as well as his previous Production Paradise features.

Joe Pellegrini Chicago

With over two decades of experience, Joe Pellegrini stands as a leader in product and food & drink photography. Alongside his photography prowess, he is a skilled painter, bringing his artistic touch to national campaigns for renowned brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson, and Ziploc.

For the past 11 years, he is been Subway's trusted photographer, handling their national and international print and outdoor ads, as well as in-store displays.

Unfazed, Joe has built a career crafting memorable imagery with professionalism, covering products from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

On shoot days, Joe's studio buzzes with energy, clients enjoying mini candy bars as he collaborates with a skilled team of food stylists, special effects experts, and digital technicians. Together, they approach each shot with practiced efficiency, ensuring exceptional results and a proven track record.

Joseph Keller Boston

Joseph Keller is a Boston-based food, beverage, and lifestyle photographer with over 27 years of experience.

He has worked with a host of clients including America’s Test Kitchen, Keurig, Food Network Magazine, and Au Bon Pain. He has shot well over 100 magazine and cookbook covers.
Joseph is equally at home shooting everything from cookbooks to large lifestyle productions in the studio or anywhere on location.

Joseph thrives on the creative process and loves collaborating with clients to create impactful images. He values the contribution of every member of his production team while his clients appreciate his calm demeanor and professionalism.

Marc Haydon London

Marc Haydon's has been happily exploring new approaches with the use of different set ups, angles, light and bold colours to extract the best imagery possible from the beautiful and delicious products at his studio in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Always attentive to the latest news and equipment in the photography world, Marc is never afraid to invest and try on some new sophisticated ideas and techniques in the never ending search for the best click possible.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any project. Marc’s extensive portfolio can be seen on his website.

Matthew Anderson California

Wine and spirits photographer Matt Anderson is at it again, crafting luscious imagery for his clients and their clients to enjoy. Based on the Central Coast of California, he can work as a local in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, or if you find yourself in beautiful San Luis Obispo, Matt can offer up some local color.

In this Spotlight, Matt’s end-of-2023 promo is a standout, crafting stills and motion (animation) to accompany his very own limited-edition bourbon sent to some very special folks. His recent collaboration with Makers & Allies for Rue de Rêve is colorful, bold and luxurious, and his imagery and gifs of Coors Whiskey Company’s Barmen 1873 are simultaneously rustic and classic.

Stop by his website or give him a follow on Instagram to keep up with his latest work.


Metro Studio reaches the international top in audiovisual production for food and beverages.

Impossible images that add value: director Giovanni Granada brings to life the most beautiful and seductive cinematographic shots, creating appetite and desire in the mind and heart.

Thanks to the brilliant combination of many highly advanced technological and technical areas, fascinating original images of liquids and food in motion can now be produced in Colombia at the highest international quality level. Innovative, memorable, spectacular, and enticing scenes add extraordinary value to products, brands, and companies in themselves.

Feeling like we are spinning in the air around a crystaline, spectacular, and very appetising drop of beer, experiencing how it falls in an epic manner, colliding with the glass it's served in, our senses and our brain decide: "I want it!”

Based on constant research and the development of systems, and mechanisms, and the skilful use of its BOLT Cinebot, Metro Studio achieves this new goal, driven by its director Giovanni Granada, who has been the creative inspiration for the entire process; a dream shared by each of the select professionals who accompany him at Metro Studio to bring impossible images to life.

OMS Photo Cincinnati

OMS Photography has deep roots within the CPG industry, much like their beloved home city, Cincinnati. Surrounded by some of the largest CPG manufacturers and change makers in the space, OMS has partnered with big and small brands for over 30+ years. The team understands the world of CPG because they have lived it for over 30+ years, working with clients like Wendy's, Procter and Gamble, Kroger, Speedway, 80 Acres, and Hershey's, to name a few.

Unlike other production companies, OMS has a team of full-time, in-house, and on-site creative talent ready to bring to life your ideas. This unique model allows them to put clients first in everything they do. With dedicated in-house team members, you'll have consistency throughout your entire shooting process, from photographers to the retouching team, to ensure peace of mind for your busy team.

"We can't wait to help bring your culinary creation to life. Cheers!"

Rene Mesman The Netherlands

Rene Mesman, an Amsterdam-based photographer, possesses exceptional skills in the fields of food and design.

His talent has earned him the trust of renowned clients like Adidas, De Bijenkorf, Hema, and McDonald's, who have relied on him for their projects. His extraordinary work has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The New York Times, Elle Decoration, Linda Magazine, MacGuffin, Volkskrant Magazine, as well as notable books like 'Lekker Fred' by Freddy Tratlehner and 'Een keuken van de Lage Landen' by Joris Bijdendijk.

Rene's passion for design is evident in his unique and personal style. Whether capturing interiors, products, or food, he effortlessly imbues his photographs with warmth and texture, delivering captivating visual experiences.

Scott Grummett London

Scott Grummett is a photographer and director specialising in food and drink. He works with creative agencies and directly with brand names around the world, making good looking images that make you want to fill your belly.

He specialises in large scale campaigns and loves to get stuck into a mind melting matrix of crops, variations, recipes and territories; striving to create work that makes you want to eat, but also providing a production that is as smooth as it is creative.

Recent years have seen Scott travelling the world shooting with huge brands like McDonald's, M&S, Lurpak, Hellmann's, Virgin and Johnnie Walker, doing both work as a photographer shooting OOH campaigns and a director shooting TV commercials.

Whether it's a controlled table top shoot, a cast, wardrobe and performance heavy set build or an excursion to shoot in the middle of nowhere Scott is excited to make great things.

Shell Royster New York - Atlanta

"I am Shell Royster, a food, stills, and travel photographer based in Atlanta and New York.

Recent projects include an editorial shoot for National  Geographic Traveller UK, a story on the chocolate of  Modica, Sicily, for Italy Magazine, and a group gallery show in New York City, juried by Brian Paul Clamp."

Sigourney Whitesel London

Sigourney Whitesel Studio is where creativity meets vibrance. Led by Sigourney, a seasoned product photographer and stop-motion animator with a remarkable 12-year track record, the purpose-built East Midlands studio specialises in crafting visuals for global brands.

The dedication to storytelling and meticulous attention to detail ensures each image becomes a masterpiece, unmistakably defining the client's brand.

In this digital age where standing out is essential, Sigourney Whitesel Studio prides itself on producing visuals that pop, capturing attention in saturated markets. Beyond stellar photography, the studio offers opportunities to elevate the client's brand identity. The unique blend of experience means the studio is well equipped to create content with long-lasting impressions on the audience, transforming the client's presence into a visually cohesive and inviting experience.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago

Stephen Hamilton is an award-winning food and beverage director and photographer with a passion for showcasing food in a natural and enticing style, pushing the envelope in pursuit of honest, authentic imagery. He loves an integrated, sensory approach to food, as it allows him to expand the visual story and bring food to life.

Stephen’s iconic work, renowned for its tight taste appeal and natural lighting style, has appeared almost everywhere you see images of food - from television, magazines, cookbooks, packaging, international publications, and blogs, to seven seasons of Top Chef.

Stephen Hamilton Productions combines Stephen’s talents with those of an on-staff producer and editor at their studio in Chicago, offering start-to-finish capabilities and industry-leading client service.

Stephen and his team recently shot this collection to capture the heat, texture, and depth of flavor of Asian-inspired takeout perfect for warming up a cozy winter night in.

Visit his website and follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

Steve Buchanan Baltimore - Atlanta - New York

Steve Buchanan discovered his passion for photography at the age of 14, while working at 7-Eleven, stocking shelves. It was a fateful moment when he noticed the label on the back of a roll of Kodak film, which read, "Take this film to your Kodak processor or develop it yourself using Kodak chemistry." The realisation that he could develop his own photos ignited a lifelong obsession.

Over the years, he has turned his lens toward subjects, ranging from mummies to machine guns.

From cherished locations to unforgettable mishaps (like that time in the blast freezer), Steve has continuously sought innovative ways to capture the world's beauty.

STUDIO_M The Netherlands

STUDIO_M, based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, is a team that lives and breathes visually stunning food photography and video - they can't get enough of it!

With their unparalleled expertise in the field, they proudly consider themselves the ultimate magicians of all things food and picture-related.

Trusted by industry leaders such as Jumbo, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, and The Vegetarian Butcher, STUDIO_M excels in visually communicating the essence of each brand and product they work with.

Their comprehensive services span concept development, set design, exceptional photography, video production, and meticulous post-production.

STUDIO_M's goal is to make your product shine, ensure a memorable experience, and all while working within your budget. Whether you want to meet over a cup of coffee or have a quick chat, they can't wait to explore the possibilities with you. Let's turn your food dreams into mouth-watering reality!

Studio XMI Los Angeles

Studio XMI is an Orange County-based food photography studio.

Studio XMI’s food photographer, Gabriel Lucido, has developed a new style of photography, making the most of capturing food and beverage in its simplest form. Gabriel brings a unique point of view to his photography that is visible in his work, showcasing the clash of minimalism and maximalism.

Studio XMI offers in-person and video conference photoshoots for real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world. The studio includes a working kitchen, a 468 square foot shooting space, and a fully furnished lobby.