Alan Newnham London

London-based food and drink photographer Alan Newnham shoots for a number of high profile brands.

Recent work includes Uncle Ben’s, both for the US and UK, Heinz, Seeds Of Change, Cow & Gate, BirdsEye and a range of ice cream-filled mochi balls for Little Moons.

In this Spotlight, Alan has put together a series of images shot for a recent book project. He has also included a short film made last year shooting a hearty plate of sausage and mash.

Andy Grimshaw London

London-based photographer Andy Grimshaw specialises in food, drink and still life photography. He works out of his own central London studio with fully equipped kitchen.

Andy works with an experienced team of freelance home economists, assistants, prop stylists and retouchers. This enables him to put together a specialist team for any photo shoot requirements.

Just in time for the Easter Bunny, Andy has been working on lots of chocolate jobs this quarter for both Snickers and Milka. He has been shooting the Italian Range for Napolina, continuing the rebrand of Old El Paso, and is currently shooting a large global rebrand for a yoghurt brand - watch this space for more info.

Call Andy direct on +44 (0)20 7267 7600 to discuss upcoming projects.

Represented by JSR Boom CGI London

BOOM are creative artists who specialise in animation, illustration and CGI modelling, with a focus on character design, post-production, texturing, and retouching. They know how to craft an image to communicate the right message and captivate the consumer.

For almost ten years, the team have produced award-winning creative solutions for some of the world's largest brands, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, Gillette and Nike. Notable recent work has focused on food and drink creative and includes a mesmerising animation for Dove Chocolate, and outstanding work for Chivas, Lipton’s Ice Tea, and Disney's in-house team Yellow Shoes for the Epcot food and wine festivals.

BOOM is a constantly evolving studio with a keen eye on innovation and trends, which has earned it a place amongst the top commercial artists in the world.

Calvin Lockwood Atlanta

There are food photographers, and then there are food visionaries. Calvin Lockwood is the embodiment of the latter.

For over 25 years, Calvin has brought his vision to life in award-winning photos for a multitude of clients in his studio located in a century old downtown Atlanta loft.

His keen sense of styling, design and lighting coalesce into stunning images and no element of a shot goes unnoticed, right down to the choice of fork.

Cory Dawson Los Angeles

Cory Dawson is a visual storyteller specialising in still life. Whether itʼs a series of still images or a complex stop motion video, he helps brands communicate a message that stands out.

It is easy to recognise a flair for colour, strong structure, and technical precision in his work. The flexibility to work anywhere in North America means he is ready for any creative challenge.

His clients include Effen Vodka, Bud Light, Courvoisier, Uber Eats, Boca Burgers, Grub Hub, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Jet.com, Nature Made Vitamins and Kind Snacks.

Danielle Wood London

London-based food photographer Danielle Wood has had a busy start to the year shooting digital content and packaging for Marks and Spencer. In between working for commercial clients Danielle has shot some delicious new spring images, some of which can be seen in this issue.

With many more exciting projects on the go, Danielle was thrilled to be shortlisted in the 2019 Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year awards for her short film animation ‘Breakfast.’ She’s also proud to be part of Equal Lens, giving women photographers an equal shot.

Danielle’s clients include Marks and Spencer, Tesco, McDonald's, 4Creative, Warburton's, Bakkavor, Octopus Publishing, Penguin, Harper Collins and many more.

Check out Danielle’s website for her latest work featuring some fresh new images and videos.

Represented by Vue.

Denis Amon Paris

After classes at Famous Photographer’s School, Denis Amon completed his photographic experience over seven years of assisting which led him from studio advertising to editorial fashion with a number of photographers including Daniel Aron, Steven Silverstein, Jean-François Jonvelle and Peter Lindbergh.

He began his career in decorative photography magazines (Maison Française, Décoration Internationale, guides décoration) then turned to staging of characters for editorial and advertising (Echo des Savanes, Actuel, VSD and advertising campaigns for RATP, Canal+, Mercure Hotels and Colgate).

In the early 90s he started in culinary photography with editorial and advertising (Cuisine & Vins de France magazine, Danone, Paul, Neslé, Harry’s and Pizza Hut).

Major clients in recent years include KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Ikea Food, Cognac Martell, Champagne Mumm, Perrier Jouet, Nespresso and editorials for Marie Claire, Citizen K, Le Monde Magazine and Hipster.

Dominic Episcopo Philadelphia

Renowned photographer Dominic Episcopo has created this eye-opening and artery-closing tour of America’s spirit.

Dominic emerged onto the photography scene and began cultivating his craft. He soon gained international recognition as a pioneer of the food and lifestyle movement, unabashedly willing to push boundaries and “play with his food” as any good rock n’ roller would. His iconic book 'Meat America' is a testament to this unique style and voice.

His most recent work can be found in a wide range of campaign advertising for global brands, cookbooks and culinary editorial publications, web commerce, fashion, and the private collections of notable contemporary collectors.

Dominic currently resides in Philadelphia where he operates a fully equipped photography and film studio in his converted, historic 15,000 square foot property. When he is not behind the camera you will find him in the kitchen, on a yoga mat or out shopping for 45’s for his beloved jukebox collection.

Visit the website to read more about Episcopo Studios.

Duivelseiland Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based Duivelseiland is a photo studio specialising in food - everything from technical to lifestyle, stills or people, packaging and even short movies.

"Our clients range from supermarket chains to advertising agencies and sometimes small businesses. In our big kitchen, with loads of equipment, a wide team of regular freelancers for food styling, styling and post-production will make something beautiful for you."

Get in contact for further information.

Duncan Loughrey London

With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail, Duncan Loughrey is technically adept, and thrives on a bit of problem solving.

An expert at retouching too, Duncan likes to keep most post-production work in-house allowing complete control through all stages of the imagemaking process.

Happy to shoot in studio or on location, Duncan undertakes every shoot in an enthusiastic, professional and friendly manner.

Francine Zaslow Boston

Francine Zaslow specialises in both food and product photography. Working out of her fully equipped, Boston-based studio, she seamlessly collaborates with clients, bringing her lighting skills and artistic vision to their latest projects.

As a veteran photographer she has established strong working relationships with long-standing clients such as Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, Friendly's, Tea Forte and Sea Cuisine, to name just a few.

Beyond her commercial work, Francine has nurtured ongoing explorations - streams of personal projects that she features on her website and in gallery shows. Current works include the 'Salt Series' and 'Authentic Spanish Cuisine' - her latest cookbook project, for which she both art directed and photographed alongside Taberna De Haro’s Chef, Deborah Hanson.

Follow Francine on Instagram.

Gareth Morgans Photography London

Gareth Morgans' food photography expertise and years of experience have allowed him to work with many leading agencies, food companies, magazine houses, book publishers and design groups. He is recognised for his colourful, vibrant and detailed images with a subtle graphic twist.

This year brands such as Häagen Dazs, M&S, Tesco, Slimming World and BBC Food have filled Gareth’s busy schedule. 2019 has begun with a campaign for Kraft Heinz shot with agencies BBH and Hogarth Worldwide. Celebrating the company's 150-year birthday, images are currently across various outdoor media and London’s giant IMAX.

Gareth’s photography also helped M&S launch the ‘Love Sausage’ for Valentine’s Day. Initially releasing the image on Twitter, it instantly went viral causing a social media storm with stores quickly selling out of the product.

Gareth was also selected as a Finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards. He also won gold medals in the One Eyeland Awards in the 'Food Advertising' and 'Self-Promotion' categories.

Gareth Morgans is represented by RARE by Trayler, Daniele Forsythe (USA) and Qench (India). Follow Gareth on Instagram.

Giles Christopher London

Giles Christopher enjoys working on location or in his studio, shooting individual products, to large campaigns.

An amazing passion for photography, technical knowledge, the ability to create a story through strong images along with a problem solving, professional attitude are part of what reassures clients that their photographic projects are in safe hands.

His clients range from fabulous hotels, restaurants and bars - photographing interiors, lifestyle and menu refreshes throughout the year - to artisan food and drink producers: "So many wonderful gins and cocktails photographed recently!"

Visit the website to see more examples of Giles’ work or call +44(0)7971 686151 for enquiries, quotes, availability or just a chat.

Giorgio Cravero Italy

Giorgio Cravero has 20 years' experience as a photographer specialising in drinks, liquids and food still life photography and motion. He loves working with light and taking care of every detail.

In 2016, Giorgio became the first Italian photographer to win first prize in the 'Still Life' category at the Hasselblad Master's Awards. He is currently working with both Italian and international agencies and companies and is available for shoots on location or at his fully-equipped studio in Turin, where he also has an in-house post-production department.

Clients include Diageo Global, Constellation Brands, Grand Frais, De Cecco, Ferrero, Naj Oleari, FCA and Comau.

James Morgan Melbourne

Fun fact: James Morgan can be found for a brief moment in the Attica episode of 'The Chef's Table' on Netflix. He is, however, much more comfortable on the other side of the lens photographing food and drink.

James cut his teeth as the photographic co-founder of renowned food and wine magazine Alquimie. In more recent times he focuses on client work. As his roster of clients continues to grow, James brings buckets of energy to his shoots regardless of the subject matter - from capturing the essence of historic wineries to the meticulous attention to detail required to bring life to fast food.

"2018 was a wonderful year spent capturing the food at the Australia Open and the magnificent program of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival. 2019 began with a naked winemaker calendar, so it’s anyone’s guess what the rest of the year will hold!"

Jean Cazals London

For this Spotlight, award-winning food photographer Jean Cazals takes readers to various world kitchens based on his latest travel commissions, sharing the diversity and spirit of their style.

Jean has as much passion for food in the studio as he gets from food from a Michelin-starred restaurant or a street café. He always approaches food with his distinctive, aesthetic and graphic sense of colour and styling.

Having worked with numerous chefs, restaurants and brands for 20 years and with an eye that adapts to every situation, Jean has expertise across editorial, design, publishing and advertising.

Visit his previous Production Paradise features to see a larger choice of images as well as his website to see the full spectrum of his work. His latest interview can be read here.

Joe Pellegrini Chicago

One rarely goes a day without seeing Chicago photographer Joe Pellegrini’s work in store windows, magazines, catalogues, cookbooks or cereal boxes.

For over two decades, Joe has been an industry leader in product and food photography. Also an accomplished painter, he has brought his artistic sensibilities to national campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson and Ziploc and for the past 11 years has shot virtually all of Subway’s national and international print and outdoor ads as well their in-store displays.

Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

Shoot days find his studio abuzz with clients snacking on mini candy bars while Joe and his group of top food stylists, special FX and digital technicians descend on every shot with a practiced efficiency and provide proven success.

Kathrin McCrea London

A lifestyle photographer based in London, Kathrin McCrea specialises in food, people and environments. Her work includes editorial and commercial work for a range of clients and agencies.

She has an intuitive eye, uses thoughtful compositions and soft lighting to capture beautiful images. ​

Kevin Smith Chicago

photokevinsmith is a Chicago-based full service studio serving the best in food and beverage photography. Kevin’s studio is located in the vibrant Pilsen neighbourhood on the artsy lower west side.

A lover of travel, hiking, golf and donuts, Kevin is equally passionate about his craft. He loves the art of photography, collaborating with his studio team and client partners to get the best results on every project.

His spacious studio has all the creature comforts with many spaces to call one’s own, making it is easy for clients to catch up on their work, conduct meetings, or just think. And there is always great music playing!

Manfred Rave Cologne

Manfred Rave is a Cologne-based food and still life photographer. He studied photography and painting at the University of the Arts Folkwang in Essen, and loves to combine stylistic devices from both photography and painting in his work.

Manfred's clients appreciate his attention to detail along with his composition. In his spacious ground floor studio he prefers using flashlight because of its flexibility, but is equally happy to work on location. A full kitchen and a large amount of props complete the studio facilities.

Featured in this Spotlight is his project 'Eat Art' - a perfect match of his food photography and paintings.

Markus Schneeberger Zurich

Markus Schneeberger is a food, beverage and still life photographer. His great affinity for handling light and shadow makes his work beyond comparison.

His centrally located studio measures 150m² and is complimented by great infrastructure to make every shoot a great experience.

Markus has an excellent network and serves customers from home and abroad who appreciate his exceptionally trained eye and perfectionism.

Contact Markus for more information.

Mezzaphoto Madrid

Alejandro Mezza is a photographer and film director raised in Buenos Aires and now based in Madrid. He is available to work throughout Europe and is also represented in Mexico and Bogota.

Alejandro has worked as a professional photographer for more than 20 years. He focuses on both advertising photo campaigns and food films through advertising agencies and brands.

He also teaches several workshops with some of the best food stylists from Latin America.

His lighting and composition skills give him a unique and artistic approach to food and drink photography with a cinematic style.

Email for more information.

Michele Cozzolino Italy

Michele Cozzolino is a still life and food photographer based in Naples, who has been shooting professionally for over 15 years. He often works in Rome, Milan, and throughout Italy with numerous advertising agencies.

Graduating in 2002 from the Superior Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication in Rome, Michele immediately discovered his propensity for studio shots, in particular still life and photography of food.

He uses high-grade equipment to solve every technical problem, relying on a team of internal post-producers and external collaborators such as food stylists and set designers.

Clients include Bio Italia, Capatoast, Fiuggi, LambWeston, Liu Jo Luxury, Pasta Rummo, Puritala, Rispo Surgelati, Rocco Barocco, San Gemini and many others.

Paul Saraceno Boston

Paul Saraceno is a food and product photographer based in Newton, Massachusetts.

With over 25 years of experience, Paul has consistently created stunning images through his meticulous craft and deep relationships with creative directors, food stylists and prop/set designers.

Together with top digital, video and retouching teams, he is able to provide outstanding work for his clients. His 5000 sq.ft. studio has a fully equipped kitchen and abundant daylight.

His portfolio can be viewed at his website.

Phil Sills London

"Hi, I’m Phil Sills. I shoot stills and video for drinks and technology. I love it, and have given my all in the last 25 years to crafting and understanding how images work best - how best to communicate your message.

Recently, I have been shooting for KEF, dCS, Electrolux, Bowers and Wilkins, Red Bull, Highland Park Whisky, Tenzing and not to forget Guinness! This series of images takes the viewer step by step through the process of the famous three-part pour. Pouring at 45 degrees onto the Harp, letting it settle and topping off the drink to create the beautiful creamy head we all know and love.

Watch the behind the scenes video of how we did it - great fun and guaranteed to make you thirsty!

Cheers for now!"

Puxan Paris

Born in the Basque Country, of Indian heritage and a dual French/American citizen, Puxan feels just as much at home on the road shooting travel and hospitality features as he does shooting commercial food in studio conditions.

With three cookbooks under his belt, Puxan strives to tell the story of chefs and producers, putting an emphasis on how their local cultures shape their philosophy.

Clients include Michelin Guide, Emmanuel Renaut (3-star Michelin), Condé Nast Traveler, Princess Cruises, JW Marriott, BETC, Publicis, Hachette Publishing and National Geographic

Ryan Ball London

Thrilled to now be represented by the wonderful team at Process Photography.

Award-winning food photographer Ryan Ball shoots fresh, contemporary imagery, taking an exciting approach to his work, developing conceptual ideas that explore the creative depths of food photography. His latest project 'Ripples' explores the distortive properties of water to produce intriguing and paint-like portraits of food.

Based in London, Ryan shoots advertising, packaging, and editorial commissions both at his home studio and on location. His most recent clients include PepsiCo., Lidl, Tate & Lyle, Gaggenau, Byron Burger, Puttshack and Quaker Oats.

Ryan works with a diverse array of talented food stylists, prop stylists, and assistants that enable him to pull together a team that is carefully chosen to deliver the very best for each photo assignment.

He is "thrilled" to now be represented by the team at Process Photography.

Shaun Cato-Symonds New Zealand

British born New Zealander, Shaun Cato-Symonds, has two great passions: food and photography. Once a chef, but spending all of his spare time behind the camera, he decided to study professional photography full time.

Shaun has now been a specialist food and drink photographer for the past 25 years and considers this “the perfect occupation” for him.

Known for his patience, uncompromising attention to detail and easy going nature, Shaun has worked with many clients and agencies on advertising and packaging projects for brands including Burger King, Kraft Heinz, Watties, Whittakers, Tegel, TipTop, Farrahs, Ernest Adams, Puhoi, Huntley and Palmers and Just Juice, among many others.

Stephen Conroy London

Stephen Conroy is a food and drink photographer and director whose recent commissions include Diageo 'Wedding Cocktails' and Alpro 'Plant Power Day'.

His lighting and attention to detail means he is sought after for both video and stills work - with clients benefiting from having the same look across their campaigns.

Stephen is represented for film and video work by Heatwave Pictures - the specialist food film production company.

Studio Ya Tel Aviv

YA studio stands for Yasmin Peled and Arye Morad, two passionate commercial photographers. For more than 20 years they have been striving for perfection, innovation, beauty and sense; all basic ingredients to turn professionalism into art, the art of photography. They love people and they love food.

“Wherever you are, you’re more than welcome to join our journey!”

Visit the website for more information.

Tina Sturzenegger Switzerland

Tina Sturzenegger's photographs convey an intimacy and at the same time are flawlessly composed yet contain a playful and contemporary element.

Born in Geneva in 1978, she is now based in Zug. After completing a degree in Business Management, Tina taught herself photography. She works both nationally and internationally, in the studio or on location and is inspired by extraordinary locations for which she scouts and develops styling concepts.

The primary focus of her work is on food, documentary and cityscapes. Her 'Food Popart' series clearly shows her artistic passion for photography.