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Posted 27-02-2012, offered

The Director – Production for TLC will be responsible for helping create, produce and manage ground breaking, innovative television programs. The Director has creative oversight of a variety of production projects and manages the efforts of multiple outside production companies simultaneously. The Director - Production will also have a strong partnership with the Development function and will be part of the process of building a series/event from the ground up. The job is to create new programs, new genres and find new ways of talking to audiences.

1.Will be expected to share ideas and contribute to the strategic vision and direction of the network. Must always think through the “big picture” when managing the production process. Will be held accountable for exploring the possibilities for each show managed (ex. Online opportunities, VOD offering, commerce options, potential of project to become an event or series, etc.)
2.Must work with internal research team to conduct regular health checks on shows being managed and make recommendations on what the implications of the data are for communications, marketing, ad sales, etc.
3.Must contribute to team initiatives that have network-wide implications as determined by the SVP / VP (ex. best practices, sharing information, improving vendor relations, business affairs processes, etc.)
4.Serve as Team Lead and Main Contact on all aspects of production for assigned Network projects. Directly responsible for pushing project information to internal Network teams and ensuring that the network is maximizing the potential of each project in all stages of production.
5.Review and convey timely comments to program producers on all stages of development and production, and, if a stage in production is not approved, give timely written notice to the producer of the reasons why such approval has not been accorded.
6.Work with the team to develop new creative concepts, formats and show ideas to pitch back to Development and Programming teams.
7.Supervise the entire creative process – from treatment review to final delivery on original, co-production and reversion projects.
8.Review, edit, and approve preliminary and final treatments, outlines, shooting scripts, scripts, production schedules, budgets, selects, graphics, music, rough cuts, fine cuts, final narration and final versions of all assigned programs.
9.Work with DCL’s Talent Relations Department to coordinate casting of talent for network projects. Review talent audition material and work with talent team on contract negotiations.
10.Communicate production information to all internal (ex. Production Management, Business Affairs, Legal, Scheduling, Marketing, Communications, Online, Education, Consumer Products, etc.) and external parties associated with the production including the Network senior management team as necessary.
11.Manage multiple outside production companies on multiple series and specials simultaneously, and in coordination with DCL internal departments to ensure timely, effective and on-budget development, production and delivery of original commissions and co-productions.
12.Adhere to and be accountable for all aspects of DCL's editorial, budgetary and production standards, as well as contractual and deliverables requirements for DCL programming. Requires clear, on-going communication of DCL’s editorial guidelines and standards of quality to outside production companies, particularly during story development and rushes stages, including early notification of productions not meeting DCL standards.
13.Supervise all production phases of reversions or repackaging, including editing, re-narration, post-production audio, scripting, graphics and field and studio production.
14.The Director - Production will be held jointly accountable for the effective business and financial management of their programs.
15.Acts as network representative to outside organizations and responsible for maintaining relationships with external vendors and clients.
16.Supervise assigned production support team member.
17.Responsible for managing their daily workload, schedule, career growth, training and development as well as their annual review.

* Ten years field or studio production experience as a producer and/or writer in documentary, reality, general entertainment, informational, how-to, talk, etc.
* A demonstrated track record in creative execution and ratings performance. *Experience managing a slate of multiple television projects simultaneously.
* Demonstrated aptitude to work closely with external producers to represent the network’s needs.
* Demonstrated ability to manage the creative process from concept to air.
*Ability to work closely with related divisions including press, marketing, ad sales, education and consumer products.
* Four-year college degree or equivalent work experience.
* Must have the legal right to work in the United States.

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