Head of Production - Hijaz Islamic University (HIU)

Posted 2-12-2015, offered

Monthly Salary : $570.00 - $950.00
Experience RequiredÇ: 3+ Years

Job Description

The HIU Head of Production (HOP) will be responsible for managing the large HIU Post Production team of freelance video and creative editors producing lectures for the HIU Online Degree Programmes.

The Head of Production will assist the Senior Editing Manager in the recruitment and training of all new editors, according to the HIU standards and using the HIU Editing Guides and Templates. The successful candidate will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the three HIU Editing Roles advertised at present, as well as of the Editing Practices according to the HIU Editing Guides and be able to independently train and guide New Editors. They will work under a Senior Editing Manager in the HIU Lahore Offices and receive training and advice for overall duties for an initial period. They will report to the Senior Editing Manager in the Lahore Office and to Head Offices in the UK.

HIU Lecture Production is a complex and bespoke process, whereby lectures are creatively designed in Post Production by a Creative Editor or Video Editor as opposed to in pre-production by a Director of Photography. There are three editing roles available in the HIU Post Production Team, responsible for 3 crucial aspects of every HIU lecture:
1.The creative planning of editing
2.The technical editing of each lecture
3.Creating 30 MCQs/ECQs as part of the lecture assessment procedures

Editors work on the raw footage recordings of lectures and have tight schedules for submission of completed work. The submitted lectures undergo rigorous review procedures and are returned with feedback and changes by the UK Review Team. This process continues until lectures are approved and high resolution copies of edited footage and all accompanying files are received by Lahore Office, subsequently payment is completed by Accounts Department at the beginning of every month for all qualifying lectures from previous month.

The Head of Production is responsible for ensuring the smooth and timely running of these processes; that editors do their job to a minimum quality and quantity, and that lecture production is running to its strict schedule.

Responsibilities include:
•Editor training/guidance
•Disseminating work to editors, including high resolution footage files, any relevant resources and accompanying files
•Managing communication between Editors and Office
•Receiving work from editors
•Overall creative authority (assessing and ruling on draft lectures produced by editors)
•Quality control
•Corrections process
•Disciplining editors

Required skills and personal attributes:

The successful candidate must be:

- Hard working and adaptable
- Calm and able to work well under pressure
- Resourceful and showing initiative

- Excellent time management skills:
Must be firm and work to deadlines, and ensure that team work effectively and efficiently.

- Excellent communication skills (written and spoken):
Must be good at reporting accurately and promptly.

- Proven track record of managing personnel well:
Editors vary in ability levels and experience, a good HOP will be able to bring out the best in each editor and understand their needs and strengths well, as there is some level of team-work involved between some of the editing roles on offer.

- Experience of managing multiple, simultaneous streams of work:
The 3 editing roles vary in responsibilities, therefore training and protocols are unique to each editing role. HOP must understand the differences and be able to manage all three types appropriately.

For more inforamtion and to apply please follow the link bit.ly/HeadofProduction

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