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Posted 23-09-2015, wanted

Job description
Selfridges has an exciting opportunity for a Manager to lead the Online Photography team in producing exceptional fashion imagery that is on brand whilst maintaining productivity levels for commercial effectiveness.


The main objective of this position within the photographic studio is to create the best online product photography that reflects the brand being shot, whilst maintaining the luxurious Selfridges feel.
This position is key in developing and maintaining online imagery that is the driving force of online sales and a reflection of our brand and standard across all high volume fashion product and creative digital asset photography. The Online Photography Manager will have complete ownership of the standard of all photography online across fashion, product imagery and any creative imagery produced in the Photo Studio.

Desired Skills and Experience
Alongside a photography/fashion related degree or equivalent, full photography and lighting training in an active environment is expected. Previous experience working as a Photographer with experience in both ecommerce and editorial fashion photography is preferred. Previous experience managing a photography team is essential. The successful candidate will have strong skills in model and stills photography, as well as thorough knowledge and experience with Canon DSLR, Capture One, Bowens lighting kit and Photoshop.

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Since Harry Gordon Selfridge first opened the doors of Selfridges Oxford Street, London on 1901, Selfridges has been dedicated to surprising, amusing and amazing its customers with astounding moments of retail theatre. Having won The Best Department Store in the World title three ceremonies in a row (2010, 2012 & 2014), Selfridges is renowned as being the premier destination for a truly extraordinary customer experience.

Selfridges Today we unveiled our windows - a stunning collaboration between Apple and Selfridges. Filling our historic 24 windows all eight variations of flowers have been scaled and hand-painted by artists, Follow the link to see the incredible photography coverage by Wallpaper Magazine -

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