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Posted 2-09-2015, offered

ATTN: ( is looking for young, hungry photographers around the world to capture a variety of topics, ranging from the below list:

+ Portraits of Millennials and their stories (young people ranging from around 18-35 years of age). Think “Humans of NY” stylistically.

+ Nature photography, specifically highlighting environmental issues.

+ Political photography, highlighting the 2016 U.S. election, the candidates, and issues they are tackling.

+ Animal photography, specifically highlighting endangered species, animals affected by climate change, and animals involved in animal rights issues.

+ LGBT photography, including photographs that best represent LGBT culture and voice

+ World issues and current events – looking for photojournalism that captures real moments, both beautiful and graphic, around the world.

+ Poverty in America – we want real, gritty photographs that capture Americans who live below the poverty line in order to tell their stories.

This Fellowship will last for six months and is paid. Provided both parties mutually enjoy the working experience, the Fellowship may be extended.


Photography Fellow is required to turn in 5 mutually approved photographs every week. The Fellow may reside wherever is necessary to capture their content, keeping in mind that ATTN: does not cover travel.

Education Required:

No previous education is required for this role.

Equipment Required:

Fellow must provide his or her own equipment.

How to Apply:

Please send your portfolio, cover letter and one photograph that tells a story to

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