Photography Studio Manager

Posted 30-09-2014, wanted

Successful Still Life Photography Studio Looking for Full Time Studio Manager

Applicant Must Be:
A motivated, organized and detail-oriented person who is fluent with photography usage and terminology as well as literacy with Mac computers.

Being articulate and friendly on the phone and in emails is paramount, as you will be an important extension of the business and its presence in the industry.

Ideally the candidate will have experience in a photo studio environment in some capacity, if not first hand studio managerial experience itself.

Requirements Include:

- Working closely with Photographer’s agent and vendors in order to create promotional pieces, portfolio printing and production.
- Managing studio resources and suppliers, prop and equipment companies, caterers, messengers, bookkeeper and other studio staff.
- Self motivated for ordering supplies, maintaining billing, studio budgeting and payment schedules; oversee all inventory management tools and technology, shipping/receiving and product tracking logistics; proactively communicate with vendors.
- Maintaining website, detailed filing systems (invoices, emails, folders etc), managing and updating in a timely fashion all image archives and servers.
- Simple production for domestic & international photo shoots.
- Working knowledge of Photoshop, basic retouching skills and Filemaker Pro.

Qualifications Include:

- Financial acumen, strong attention to detail and organization
- Very good knowledge of Photography (set and lighting included) and Retouching processes
- Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks, problem solving a must
- Ability to adapt to changing priorities and proactively manage studio when long-term projects require for the photographer to be away.
- Excellent communications skills (verbal and written)
- Ability to lead project management
- Minumum 2 Years experience in a photography related business and/or project management position
- Overall computer literacy with Mac and practical knowledge of Microsoft Office package

Things That Could be a Plus:
- Set management on shoot, including assisting with set construction, lighting, camera & digital equipment
- Digital Teching and Imaging, including appropriate digital asset management techniques, color match, upload and delivery of imagery
- Knowledge of, Capture One, Hasselblad Phocus, Lightroom and Leaf Softwares

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