UI/UX Designer at LAShowroom.com

Posted 7-04-2016, offered

We are looking for a hands-on UI/UX Designer to work closely with our creative and development teams to produce effective, user-centered designs for various modules to current and new web products. This position's main responsibility centers around user interface design for the various digital products and services offered by LA Showroom such as marketplaces, websites, dashboards and e-commerce products. This role requires a keen attention to detail, logical reasoning and a sharp understanding of users’ needs and behavior. Ultimately we would like to provide a more enjoyable experience for our website’s end users and our ideal candidate will help us meet that goal with efficiency and precision.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Work closely with creative and development teams to ensure that proposed designs are executed effectively.
• Propose new designs which build upon established brands and looks in order to seamlessly integrate new modules to the current interface.
• Improve current user interface in order to promote a better experience from the end user.
• Assist in the mocking, prototyping, and executing new web products and services that we plan to offer.
• Other special projects as needed.

Skills & Requirements

• Experience with HTML5/CSS3 and mobile interactivity gestures/animations.
• Experience with user research, wire-framing, prototyping, and personas.
• Experience with analytic driven UI/UX designs.
• Experience with web accessibility and usability standards.
• Strong communication skills and ability to work in a fast paced environment.
• Must be self-motivated, proactive and able to utilize time allotted efficiently.
• Ability to multi-task and switch project priority based upon external factors.

About LAShowroom.com

LAShowroom.com one of the largest online wholesale fashion marketplaces in the world, connecting fashion designers and apparel manufacturers and distributors to buyers, boutiques, and retailers from around the world. LAShowroom.com. caters to hundreds of members in the Los Angeles Fashion District, and tens of thousands of buyers worldwide, providing them with a centralized place to conduct business to business transactions.

Only LOCAL CANDIDATES will be considered.

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