VFX/CGI artist with expertise in Robot animations

Posted 7-07-2015, offered


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3D : Animation-Modeling-Texture

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Flat Rate : $1,000.00
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I'm looking for a VFX artist who can create 3d models from characters and then create the movements. The clips will be used in a short later on.
These are the three main characters
1) Halo Master chief alike character, A man with suite (not robot) a bit like Ninja
2) A Mech that is meant to be a total destruction
3) Droid that is intelligent and fully equipped with weapons, more like someone from army but humoind and smarter than human
4) Environments
First Battle on the Street (post-apocalyptic street)
Underground Metro (Metro station)
Execution Landscape (most probably a mountain)
Fight scenes between Droid and Mech vs Halo alike character.
Ending Celebration Scene (underground metro party with a crowd dancing)

The project is about singularity. A lot of these scenes will be mixed with green screen shots I will be taking with real life characters.

More details file will be sent to suitable candidate.

You will be provided with almost every concept art like characters and locations. Your part of the job is to create them in 3d and apply motions according to the plot.

Creators of this project are smart people trying to bring something new with a huge promotional plan.

You must be able to stay in touch through Skype until the project ends.

To apply, go to : jobs.creativecow.net/job/888450

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