Posted 30-07-2014, wanted

Videographer needed for shooting street-scene imagery in the New York area from vehicles with a good day rate compensation. You must have a valid driver’s license, although you do NOT need to own a car (and if you do own a car, will not be using your car for this purpose) or your own camera equipment. You will be assisted by one other person in the car who will be the driver (two-person crews).

You will be trained by the world’s experts in streetview imagery, for free.
No need to have your own equipment; NY Streetview will supply the camera equipment, power supplies, vehicle, etc.

You must:
• Have at least 3 years experience in taking imagery professionally: either full-time or freelancer work with the imagery-taking being a majority of your time
• Be reliable
• Be available to work on short notice

You should have some formal training in film, imaging, photography, or related fields -- a certificate, diploma, or bachelor’s degree in one of these areas.

Apply as soon as possible as you will be required to attend a training event the first week of August. Please email with your resume.

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