Espromot Barcelona service

This first four months of the year have been very busy for Espromot. Despite the volume of work, they say that quality and service at the action cars company has remained a high priority.

They worked on spots including "Doritos", which involved providing a classic car and painting another to look like a tuning car. Production company on the project was Piramide.
The "Car Prep Shooting of the Month" Award goes to axis films for their spot "Hyundai", where Espromot had eight cars working at the same time. Vivi film did a top secret car shoot and Espromot's assistance car was there to help.
In their trailer, they have something quite special. We can't say any more than that; just that is "really, really, really fun to drive"!
We recommend two different websites, first - - where you can find any vehicle you need for your shoot - and - with details of precision drivers and their latest work.

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