Ingrid Deuss Brussels creativity

Initiative, innovative vision, flexibility and engagement in multiple fields: Ingrid Deuss is no ordinary gallery owner, but devotes much of her energy to her role as an independent art buyer. She closely follows new developments in Belgian and international photography and has an extensive network of photographers as well as a team of freelance art directors, graphic designers and copywriters. This enables her to flawlessly manage photo shoot production and match up the right artists with the right clients.

In autumn 2010, Ingrid opened her own photography gallery in Antwerp as a platform and presentation space for Belgian and international artists. She chooses her guests with enormous care, including both upcoming talent and established names. The selected photographers are invariably characterised by their great artistic sensitivity, springing from a blend of wilfulness and personal expression. 

Every exhibition shows unique pieces, elevating photography to the level of art and akin to buying an exclusive painting.

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