GERMANY ISSUE 212 Apr 2010

711 rent Hamburg equipment rent

New equipment from 711rent:

  • The new Leica S2 with a complete range of Leica lenses. The ease and handling of an SLR with the megapixels and quality of a medium format camera - 37.5 MP in a 35mm body.
  • The new Profoto Pro-B3 1200 AirS with lithium battery provides double the flash power in a far lighter package.
  • The Chrosziel Studio Rig for Canon DSLR, along with the Canon TSE 17mm, TSE 24 LII, EF 50mm F1,2 LII, EF 85mm F1,2 LII, and the new 100mm macro.
  • The latest generation of Apple Mac Book with the unbeatable i7 CPU, available in 15- and 17-inch versions.
  • Noblex panoramic cameras.
  • The Briese 77 Focus with the specially designed Honeycomb grid for even better light control.
  • A wide range of beautifully hand-painted Schmidli fabric backgrounds with motifs and frames.

Visit the new 711rent homepage and be sure to check the company's new creative listing and Facebook fan page.

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