GERMANY ISSUE 539 Jun 2015

Peer Brecht Stuttgart photographers

Peer Brecht and his crew had an funny and exciting recent shoot in the dark, dangerous and deep Swabian Forrest near to his German base, Stuttgart. Special thanks are due to Anja, Theresia, Alina, Sarah, Arman, Flo and Klaus.

Peer is a German photographer who works all over the world. With a broad photographic horizon and a variety of different fields covered, he surprises clients with extraordinary new perspectives and unique pictures. Combining the knowledge of fashion photography with other strengths including landscape, cars and people, clients admire his understanding that it takes many components to create a perfect picture.

Always looking to create something unheard of, new and exciting, Peer is ready to accept any challenge, always looking forward to the next picture and trying to still his eternal thirst for his passion.

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