GERMANY ISSUE 679 Dec 2017

Stefanie Aumiller Munich People & Lifestyle, Corporate and Kids Photographers

Munich-based photographer Stefanie Aumiller specialises in people, corporate, lifestyle and kids photography.

Recent productions include clients such as Ledvance / Osram, Allianz and Linde AG - BeeZero. In the Summer of this year, she had the chance to work for Baumschlager Eberle architects and travelled and shot pictures in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France and Austria. Aesthetic and authentic imagery was generated through shots of the company's employees.

Stefanie's recent personal project is entitled 'Gritty Woman', in which all models are working mums.

"A new type of woman is on the rise. One that defies stereotypes, is less interested in outward appearances, more interested in content, and in the progressive dissolution of gender-specific images in the media. Women in everyday situations for whom we used to bring a man to help, to attach a shelf, to open a pickle jar when heavily pregnant, to lay turf or parquet. True to the motto: we can do that too!"

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