Marion Eckhardt Hamburg photography

Marion Eckhardt Photographers proudly presents new arrival Valèry Kloubert:

Valèry started his career as personal photographer to the German Defence Secretary. Since 1996 he has been working freelance, with a focus on portrait, people and celebrity photography. He is based between Cologne and Hamburg and has worked for Unilever, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Adidas and Audi, amongst others.

Marion Eckhardt's other photographers are also busily engaged:

  • Olaf Tiedje shot European lifestyle pictures for Agendia with agency UP Advertising in Hamburg.
  • Christopha Gramann shot Ravensburger Spiele for Serviceplan Advertising Agency.
  • Sven Görlich recently returned from Sweden where he shot a Coke Zero ad for M.E.C.H Berlin. He is already on his way to South Africa to shoot Bauer Yoghurt for the agency Brandlounge.

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