ITALY ISSUE 744 Mar 2019

Pachira Location Milan - Rome locations

"Pachira Location’s mission is to always provide the right location at the best price for all our production industry clients. We offer a tailor-made service to our clients and a trustworthy and continuous relationship with our location owners.

Thanks to the boost provided by new management, we have experienced a 40% year-on-year growth rate. Since 2005, we have kept on building a richer portfolio of locations in Milan, Rome and all over Italy. Our properties are the perfect set for commercials, stills, photo shoots, TV productions, films, music videos, press events, product launches and shoot and stay.

Our strength resides in offering our location owners complete training for renting their houses to production companies: we give them major insights about the industry and offer them the appropriate rental price thanks to an internally developed algorithm.

Passion drives all of our activities: we are crazy about interior design, cinema and creative communication. We are always oriented towards problem solving and we pride ourselves in helping our clients from the beginning to the conclusion of a project.

Check out our website to see our latest work with some major production companies."

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