MEXICO ISSUE 536 Jun 2015

Steve Peixotto Mexico City photographers

Steve Peixotto is an award winning American photographer with a presence in Mexico, as well as in San Francisco California. His native language is English and he is fluent in Spanish. One of his specialties is shooting in Mexico for US agencies looking for a wider Latin American casting pool than they find in many parts of North America. 

Typical Mexican and colonial locations are easily found in many parts of Mexico, but what makes Steve’s team standout is their relationships and abilities to find amazing Mexican locations that look like they could have been shot in the USA, Canada or Europe.

Steve has been shooting for renowned advertising clients since 1998.  His versatility, attention to detail, and ability to create an environment in which genuine moments can flourish in front of his camera have won him many photography awards.

The extraordinary people he gets to meet through his work always amaze Steve. He loves to be a part of the collaboration that happens when you mix a group of creative people together. 

Steve and his wife love sharing the outdoors with their boy girl twins. Unfortunately for Steve and Ana, the kids are catching up with mom and dad and no longer see their parents as the best skiers and surfers on the planet. The twins spoke Spanish before they spoke English, and having lived both in Mexico and the USA they are very attached to their communities in both countries. Steve is a proud father and husband.

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