MEXICO ISSUE 796 May 2020

Caixapro Mexico Photo & Film Production and Locations

Working for more than 10 years now, CaixaPro has been hosting productions from all around the world in Mexico and many other counties around the globe. "We always have high standards when it comes to our workflow and the environmental impact of every location we work in."

Their most relative asset is knowing how to work with big and small video or photo team crews and adapting for any specific need.

They are always searching for the best locations spots to host any type of production team from west beaches, to deserts, jungles, towns, haciendas, modern houses, and Caribbean beaches.

With a depth knowledge of Mexico’s shoot-friendly locations we are regularly adding exciting new places to our expanding database, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to take a free look at our online locations database.  

Consider CaixaPro as a partner to produce locally if your main concern is to take care of the client or concept. Let CaixaPro take charge of the workflow in any Mexican location.

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